Budget Busting Brilliance

Maybe it’s that time of year when your eye wanders around your home and you start making a mental list of jobs you need to do in the New Year. They really do seem to be stacking up, so now’s the time you need to get that list together and start your home improvement game plan.

You might make New Year’s Resolutions, you might not but if you’re going to make one promise to yourself it’s to stop delaying those DIY jobs any longer and give your home a makeover, starting from the inside.

Whatever your style and budget there are a few simple changes you can make to your interiors that are going to give them a bit of sparkle and freshen up your view of the rooms you spend so much of your time in. It’s so easy to get used to seeing the same old broken down furniture and scuffed walls that you simply overlook the defects. Follow our budget busting top tips to a brighter, more beautiful space that you truly deserve.

Plan to make plans

Settle down with a mug of coffee, a pile of interior design magazines and your laptop, ready to scroll through the pages of your favourite designer and lifestyle bloggers for inspiration.

Don’t worry about budget at this point; you’re just looking for styles and ideas. Make a note of anything you see that grabs your attention, any themes or colours you think would suit your abode down to the ground. They might seem like expensive options but with a little careful looking, you can almost always find similar products only much less expensive.

Generally, when renovating or decorating it makes sense to start in the room that you spend most of your time in, so if that’s your living room, then that’s the first room you’re going to want to tackle.

If you’re a dab hand with a pencil and sketchbook then you could start by translating your ideas into a drawing, if not just a written list is fine. Next comes the fun part.

blue paint image 1

Sourcing successfully

Well ok, first comes the not-so-fun part but then comes the fun part. First you have to plan your budget. If you’re planning to do the job in stages then that’s a great option if you’re able to save between projects. If that feels like it would just take too long then there are options to borrow money, such as with Buddy Loans, or from a bank. Shop around to find a deal that fits your requirements and offers you a realistic repayment plan.

Now, comes the fun part. Finding all the brilliant one-off pieces of furniture, fixtures and fittings you need to give your living room that totally unique feel. Of course you can hit the high street and online shops but if you’re feeling adventurous and want to save a little money you could try out the second hand shops or venture into the world of reclamation yards. We guarantee that once you set foot in one of these places, your home will never look the same again!

From Victorian fireplaces to church pews, you can’t help but get drawn into the romance of reclaimed furniture, plus you’re doing your bit for recycling.

When it comes to products like paint, the options aren’t as perhaps as varied but  with most DIY shops offering a match and mix scheme, you don’t need to spend hundreds stocking up on high-end paint options.

Getting underway

Most of us can manage a few simple DIY jobs, whether it’s painting a wall or putting up a shelf, so if you’re feeling adventurous then get cracking by preparing your room and your walls for work to begin. If you’re planning a repaint, clean wall surfaces to get rid of any grime and dirt and give the skirting boards a wipe down ready to be re-glossed. Plastic dust sheets are available from most DIY shops so make sure your furniture is protected from any spills. Then you’re all set.

If the thought of doing the painting, hammering and fixing leaves you in a spin, then step away now. With planning, your budget should allow for the professionals to take charge. The benefit of this of course is that the process should be much quicker and you’ll get it done, just the way you like it.

Start dreaming today about what your dream interiors are going to look like and start planning big. Give your home and sanctuary the makeover it deserves.

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