Decor Ideas To Stop Your Wooden Floor From Echoing Everything You Say…Say…Say

More of us than ever are now realising the benefits of wooden floors. Thanks to trends like minimalism, natural materials are all the rage. That’s not to mention that wooden flooring is the ideal choice if you’re prone to spilling things on your carpet. With this in place, you’ll be able to mop up spillages the moment they happen. Oh, and did we mention that wooden flooring can also improve the appearance of your home no end?

With this in mind, you may think the grass is much greener on the wooden side. For the most part, you’d be right, but there is one downside to consider. A wood floor can be loud. We’re talking echoing footsteps and loudspeaker voices. As we’re sure you can imagine, that gets annoying fairly fastl. But, should this be enough to turn you away from this design choice for all time?

wooden floor image 1

We don’t think so. Knowing about this issue is half the battle towards overcoming it. All you need to do is consider the following ways you can cut that echo down to size.

Roll out the rugs

Rolling out rugs on that wooden floor is the best thing you can do by far. This reduces the risk of echoes more than you could imagine. And, it has the bonus of looking fantastic. An option like these large wool rugs may be your best bet for absorbing unwanted sound, but you’ll find that any rug will help. Obviously, the more of these you have in place, the less chance there is that your echo will repeat every word you say. What could be better than that…that…that?

Think furniture

It’s also worth noting that an echo will be worse the emptier a room is. Think about how much a house echoes when you first move into it. This is because there’s nothing to block the passage of sound. The moment you get your stuff in, though, things quieten down. Hence why you should consider the furniture you put in that wooden-floored room. Bear in mind, too, that specific options work best here. Fabric sofas which are on the large side can silence things a great deal. Weighty furniture such as filled bookcases can also be fantastic for this. Ultimately, you want hefty pieces which are sure to stop that echo in its tracks.

Adorn your walls

Along the same vein, it’s also worth adorning your walls. Bare walls in themselves can cause some issues with echoes. Add that to your wooden flooring, and you’ll have a symphony on your hands before you know. The good news is, putting anything on your walls can help with this. If you want to keep things simple, picture frames would work well, as would things like mirrors. If you’re not afraid to go all out, hanging tapestries or even curtains could deaden that sound more than anything.

These are simple steps. Still, each of them can silence your wooden floor to ensure it fits peacefully into your home decor.

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