Getting Christmas Party Ready

Personally, I absolutely LOVE Christmas, It’s my favourite time of the year and with Christmas party season just around the corner, I thought I’d share some top tips on getting party ready with you…

Make Up

Getting your make up professionally done can be quite expensive, so why not opt for doing it yourself. You can get some really decent make up and make up tools online today at a ridiculously reasonable price so why not treat yourself. The wonderful world wide web also offers tons of tips and advice on what tones you should choose to match your skin tone, what essentials you need and even how to apply it, just in case, like me, you have no idea other than to slap it on and hope for the best.

make up image 1


Now this is probably my favourite part as I’m a little addicted to buying new clothes! For our office Christmas party, I tend to go for a nice dress with black tights and heels or if I’m really struggling the ‘little black dress’ option never fails. Some of my favourite go to places are SilkFredNew Look and Dorothy Perkins who already have a section dedicated to the party season on their websites! Go check them out and treat yourself, it is Christmas after all. Oh and don’t forget to buy some new shoes to complete the outfit, Irregular Choice have the most amazing range of Christmas shoes that will really set off your look.


Now, if like me you are shockingly bad at styling your own hair then a trip to the hairdressers is the way to go. However, if you’re someone who’s more creative and pretty handy with the old hair do’s then you’ll find loads of inspiration on websites such as Glamour and Elle to work with. I personally always end up going for a classic curl but there are so many up do’s and adventurous looks out there, so if you’re feeling brave, I say go for it.

hair image 1

Colour schemes  

As it’s Christmas, red is probably the most obvious choice and maybe even a little sparkle! But my personal favourite go to colours are normally blue, teal, burgundy or of course…black! However, if you choose to wear black you can always team it up with a little red or green or maybe burgundy!

What are you top tips for getting Christmas party ready? Let me know in the comments below…

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