Is Your Home Good for another 100 years?

Buying a house is a long term investment. If you would like to make sure that you will not lose money on your house and real estate portfolio, you will need to future-proof your building and the outside, so your kids and grandchildren can enjoy the home you made for them, if they choose to do so. No matter if you have an old period home or a newly built house; it is important that you pay attention to the hidden dangers. Below you will find a few tips on where to start making your home last longer.


One of the main sources of structural problems in houses is the foundation. Even if it was professionally laid, there might have been some ground movement in the past that made it shit and crack. It is best to get in touch with a structural engineer to inspect your home’s foundations and give you a full survey report. You can solve the issue easily if you get some Sika concrete repair material and fill the gaps and cracks to make your house stand tall and strong again.


roof image 1

Of course, you will also need to think about the changing weather and make sure that your roof is able to protect you from the forces of nature. You should get a regular inspection of your roofing tiles, as well as your supporting frame. If you have an older house, it might be time to change the entire roof and get some pre-treated timber installed that will last for long decades and not rot away.


Your home might look great on the outside, but if you are losing heat and end up using more energy to heat up your house, chances are that you have some problems with the brickwork. This is easy to fix; a professional can repoint your shifted bricks and get rid of the cavity in your walls as well, increasing the stability of your house and making sure that you are able to feel safe and supported for many years to come.


Apart from the brickwork, you tend to lose money and energy through the roof, windows, and doors. If you would like to upgrade your property, you can invest in loft insulation and make sure that you are keeping as much heat in as possible. New windows will not only reduce your bills but also improve the curb appeal of your property.

Roots and Trees

One of the negative aspects of living in the countryside or on a farm is that you might have some strong old trees in your garden that might make their way under your foundation. In other cases, they will become ill and old, and if they fall, you can say goodbye to your family home. Talk to a tree surgeon to find out whether or not you are in danger.

If you would like your kids and their kids to enjoy your real estate, it is important that you keep an eye on the hidden dangers and maintain its condition.

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