3 Ways to Create a Feature Wall in Your Home

Feature walls have been a thing for a while now, but they’ve never got old and in my opinion are still a great way to add some interest into your room. You can use a feature wall to be a little brave if you’re afraid to go too bold with your interior design or to add some texture into your space. I personally love a feature wall which is why virtually every room in our house has one. If you’re in the middle of a makeover and are not quite sure how to go about creating a feature in the room, I thought I’d share a few of my ideas with you:


Old-Brown-Brick-Slips-Used-On-A-Bedroom-Wall_540xImage source

Now personally, I LOVE a brick wall, which is why we have one in our conservatory, I just think that you can get so many different looks by using one. We wanted an industrial feel in our conservatory and the brick has definitely helped to do this, but it can also give your room a classic feel or can help to bring the outside in. Our’s is the original brick that we just decided to not plaster over but don’t worry if you don’t have this option as you can get some amazing weatherproof brick slips that look just as real as the actual thing.


We’ve created a feature wall using wallpaper in a number of rooms in our house. It’s a great way of adding some colour, style or pattern into a room if you’re not feeling brave enough to do the whole room. I also think it’s a great way of adding an extra texture or layer to the room. When choosing your wallpaper, firstly consider which wall it’s going on, then when moving onto the design, think about what colour you’re planning to paint the rest of the room as you could always pick out a colour from the wallpaper pattern to tie the room together.


This brings me onto colour which is a simple way to make a statement piece in your room. Painting one single wall a different colour to the rest can be just as effective as introducing patterned wallpaper. There are plenty of ways you can do this too, you could use the same colour as the rest of the room but in a different shade (like a few shades darker) or you could make more of a point by mixing one dark wall with a much lighter colour, like one dark grey wall and the rest of the walls white for example (we’ve done this in our bedroom).

Bedroom image 4


Now, you need to be careful when using paneling as a feature wall, especially if it’s wood, as it can feel dark and musty and like a bad throwback to the 70’s, but if you get it right, it can also look amazing. Keeping it simple and just adding some paneling behind your fireplace for example, can really help it to stand out and create a nice feature point. House Beautiful have some great ideas for using paneling in your room, if it’s something you’re considering, I would definitely check them out.


You can also combine a number of these features for a layered feel to the room. You can have one wall with a feature wallpaper, one bold colour wall and the other two a more mild colour for example. Mix this with soft curtains and cushions and it will give your room a really nice feel.

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