The Things Every Homeowner Should Own

There are some things that every homeowner should own, to make life a little easier when some of the minor jobs need doing, and to help keep things organised.

tools image


There will always be things that cannot be reached by standing on a chair, and a pair of stepladders can prove invaluable when this happens, They are also good when you are decorating, to make things like painting ceilings simpler, and if you are cleaning windows, particularly on the outside of your home.

Just make sure that all floor legs are standing ion the same flat surface so that they are stable and you are less likely to fall.

Power Tools

Power tools can help to make light work of many of the jobs around your home. Your set of them should include a drill and sanders, but there are many others that can be great around the home.

Be careful to ensure that they are switched off after use, and keep them out of the way of young children.

Basic Tools

Most households will have a hammer, some screwdrivers, a tape measure, pliers, a level, and saws, but there are also things such as wrenches, a staple gun, a ratchet set and a crowbar that can all prove very useful.

You should also have a toolbox to keep them all safe when they are not in use, which you can also use to store nails, screws and tapes.


A torch is a must for any homeowner. In fact, you should probably have 2 or 3 and put each one in a different part of the house. If there is a power cut at night time, you will be pleased to have a torch to see where you are going and to check that everyone is OK.

Torches are also useful for being able to take a look in those dark nooks and crannies where a screw or nail always seems to end up when you drop it.

Cord Organiser

Homes usually have extension cords somewhere and quite often there are too many of them in the house. They get thrown to the back of a cupboard and become tangled, and then you wonder if they are any use. You should have a cord organiser that will keep then tidy and all in one place.

This can be as simple as a shoebox, as long as each one is wound up and has a tie to keep it together.

Emergency Kit

If there was an emergency and you had to leave your home quickly, you might not have time to put together the things you need. Always have an emergency kit that is handy, and that everyone knows where it is. This should include some water to drink, and some snacks. Enough for everyone for about 72 hours. Then there should also be a torch, batteries first aid items such as plasters and bandages, sleeping bags, medications, nappies and baby formula if needed and some cash.

If the worst happens, at least then you will know you are OK for a short while.


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