Is Your Bedroom Comfy Enough For You?

For a lot of people out there, the answer is no. Sure, we have our bed and a couple of blankets on it, but that’s the extent of the fluffy and warm furniture – otherwise there might be a desk and a chair, not great for napping in, and a floor that’s covered in worn carpet or simply made of hardwood. Things are feeling a little stale, and that’s not good for anyone.

And sure, you made those design decisions when you moved in, but you could have been rushed for time, on a bit of a budget, or you’ve grown since then and now just want some more comfort in your life! So here’s a couple of the best ways you can introduce that into your bedroom.

bedroom image 3

Darken the Room

Whether you want to repaint your walls, get a new carpet (or big, fluffy rug), or you need some new curtains, seeing as the old ones have some moth holes and maybe some weird staining at the bottom… make sure your new materials and colour scheme is dark.

This way, you’re going to get a much better kip at night, without your brain suffering the effects of light and noise. When it’s dark, it’s peaceful, and you’ll be able to relax in pure comfort when you’re done redecorating!

Pad Out Your Bed Frame

Your bedroom has a bed in it, and traditionally, that’s all you needed the room for. There’s wardrobe or closet in the corner, and you’ve maybe got a rug to put your feet on when you get out of bed in the morning. We’re not talking about the bed itself, but the composition of it could do with some more padding, so now’s your chance to buy up some comfy scatter cushions and fill your trolley at the furniture store with new duvet covers and fluffy blankets.

And you can even go a step further, and get some kind of new memory foam mattress, or some reinforced foam to really boost you up at night. For example, you can stuff some foam inside of your headboard, to make it much softer to rest against when you’ve got a good book in your hands and you just can’t put it down. And when you’ve got sites like to supply you with the perfect materials, this kind of modification couldn’t be easier!

Get More Lamps

Who wants the stark light from the overhead lamp when you’ve got a relaxed state to be getting into! Make sure that if you’re reading, or you’ve got some things to do before you drop off, you’ve got the light of the lamp to do them by. It might even be a good idea to do without overhead lighting entirely; it’ll reduce your bill, and make sure you’re always feeling cosy!

Your bedroom can be uber comfy when you put a bit more effort into it. Use tips like these to improve your sleeping pattern and your general comfiness at home!


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