Stylish DIY Projects Which Are A Piece Of Cake


I imaging that living at home with a young family can be stressful, and that it can be hard sometimes to find the time and energy to do anything to the space to spruce it up. If you are always busy and tired by the time you get home at the end of the day, the last thing you will want to think about is doing up the home.

However, fear not because there are some simple DIY projects you can do this weekend to give parts of the home a new lease of life without spending too much time, money or effort. Here are some of the simple things you can do to the home this weekend:

Ladder hanging space

The first idea you can do in just an hour or so is use a ladder to create a hanging space for things such as jars and spices in the kitchen. If you have a wooden ladder lying around, you can simply paint it a fun colour such as yellow or red and then use a couple of hinges to secure the tops to the wall in the kitchen. From here you can use it to store things like cookbooks, dried goods and even decorative items too.

Kitchen herb garden

The kitchen is always a place full of potential will little projects, and this next one can be a great addition for not only colour but flavour in your family meals. You can create a herb garden in the kitchen with a small planter or box and hang it on the wall in the sunlight. You can then plant all of your favourite herbs such as basil, rosemary and thyme and use these during your cooking for great food.

Hide your plumbing

No matter how amazing your plumber is, when you have had someone such as Mr Rooter Plumbing come round to do your heating, it will leave ugly pipes on show. You can hide pipes and radiators in the house using plywood and creating small boxes around the features. It will give you the chance to have a new set of shelves in the home where these features used to be.

Create a snug

If you have an afternoon free and you fancy making a fun family project, you can pick a small corner in the home and build up cushions and books to make a little snug corner. This can be the perfect little reading nook for a rainy day and it can act as a cute little hideout for you when the kids are being a bit rowdy!

Driftwood shelving

For any room in the house, we want to have some sort of shelving which can store things like books, candles and cute little ornaments which we want to have on show to the world. However, a lot of the time the shelving we get in stores is just generic and boring. You can vamp up your home and make it feel much more unique by investing in driftwood shelves. Each one will be totally unique and fun for the home.

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