Gift Guide For Twenty-Somethings This Year

present image 1

Millennials seem to have a bad wrap. People who are in their twenties are always mistaken for being lazy, technology obsessed and just a little bit high maintenance. If you have a millennial in your life though you will likely know that none of this is true and they are sweet, hard working and dedicated people. If you want to treat the twenty something in your life this year for a birthday or for Christmas, here are some great ideas for you to use:

A cosy night in hamper

One of the most common misconceptions about twenty somethings is that they don’t work hard enough. However, millennials are actually amongst the most hard working people on society and they are constantly striving for success in the world. To give them a treat for a birthday or Christmas you can create a cosy night in hamper. It can include some wine or champagne from Oddbins, a blanket or dressing gown, some fluffy socks, a few face masks, a hot chocolate set and snacks. It can be a fun present to create and it will be more than appreciated!

Home decor

For any young person who has bought their first home, you will be able to have some fun with the gifts you give and make the most of buying them some home decor. Make sure you visit the home first and talk to them about the style they like etc, and then you can go out to buy candles, vases, cushions and even artwork for the wall. It can be a lovely way to make a small mark on their home and they will appreciate the gesture.

Gadgets and games

We all know that young people love technology. You will never go a day without seeing people on their phones, playing video games or watching TV. You can really have some fun buying gadgets and games for a twenty something because it can be something for the kitchen, a fun camera, or a film box set you know they will love. The choices are endless.


A cute idea which you can give to your trend savvy millennial this year is a 3 month subscription to a treatbox. Treatbox is a company which creates cute little boxes filled with art, accessories, teabags, hot chocolates and other small trinkets. The designs are all original and created by collaborators each month and you can enjoy seeing them create wonderful flat lays for their instagram with the contents.


If there is one thing that a twenty something can really enjoy to look after. It’s a succulent. Succulents are easy to keep alive and they are the ideal gift for someone who isn’t very green fingered. A succulent can always look stunning on display in the home and it can bring a relaxing atmosphere to their living space. Everyone loves a good plant and it can be a really cute gift to give to a twenty something alongside a bottle of wine or whiskey.

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