The tile that started underground and made its way into our homes

Finding the right tiles to fit your kitchen can seem like a stressful task, with so many variations out there, what do you choose? Do pick a traditional style or do you add some personality and stand out from the crowd.

A timeless style that has stood the test of time is the metro tile. Coming with a rich history, these tiles were originally used on the walls of the London Underground and New York Subways. This classic tile has made a huge comeback and remained popular since 2015 giving homes an elegant look, whilst also providing aspiring interior designers with the option to get creative with the colours and beautiful designs that can be achieved. They are perfect if you want to illuminate a smaller kitchen as the glossy bevelled edges capture and bounce light around to create a brighter, larger space.

With this in mind here are my recommendations for the best wall tile designs currently on the market.

Brick Laying

Looking to achieve a traditional feel to your kitchen? Choosing the brick bond design will effortlessly give your kitchen that farmhouse or cottage feel, instantly make your space warm, cosy and inviting. Pick white or cream coloured tiles (we went for white in our kitchen) to really add character and create an interior all the family will love spending time in.


If you’re confident in taking on a challenge and want to put your tile laying skills to the test, then the Herringbone design is perfect. Named after the skeleton of a herring fish (it honestly looks better than how morbid it sounds), this effect will bring tiles to life and look stunning when done right, as mistakes will be noticeable.

Renovating is exciting, and you can really let your personality shine through when taking on your own project. Don’t be shy to inject some colour when picking your glossy new tiles. Bold colours showcase this design and make it interesting and unique.


Why go across when you can reach for the sky? Installing your tile design vertically with the grout lines matching up will give your kitchen a trendy, modern style, something reminiscent of a hip new bar in town, as well as making the room appear visually taller. This design is clean, contemporary and will turn your kitchen into the best of hangouts for you and your friends.


It’s all in the detail

It isn’t just the colours and designs that make the metro style so versatile, you can mix things up with the grout. Grouting can be strenuous and time consuming so it’s worth putting some thought into this final step and take your interior to the next level. Do your research and find a colour that’s going to compliment the tiles or, if you’re feeling brave enough, make a statement.

You’re now ready to sit back and enjoy your hard work, be prepared for compliments and don’t be afraid to share your new knowledge with friends and family.


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