7 Ways To Make Your Home More Secure

Keeping your home secure is essential for warding off burglars. Most thieves target homes that have visible security weaknesses. Here are a few improvements that could make a burglar think twice before attempting to break into your home.


Upgrade your locks

You should make sure that all your windows and doors have working locks. A locksmith can help to repair or replace any broken locks as well as fitting any new ones where locks may be missing. If you want extra security, you could consider fitting inside bolts on top of having key operated locks. Make sure to also reinforce the frames of your windows and doors – a loose hinge could make it easy for a burglar to break down a door and get in rending any locks useless. Take care when hiding spare keys around your property and avoid any obvious places such as under the doormat or on top of the doorframe.

Install a burglar alarm

Burglar alarms can help to alert you and your neighbours if someone tries to break in without first unlocking the door or deactivating a code. It may seem like a drastic measure, but in some neighbourhoods and it can be a worthy investment helping to deter any thieves that do manage to break in. Other anti-burglar devices to consider could include CCTV cameras or motion sensor alarms. Such devices could help to lower your home insurance rates by making you less a risk, saving you some money too.

Add exterior lighting

Most thieves target homes at night that are unlit – this makes it easy for them to carry out the burglary undetected. Installing exterior lighting could help to deter burglars by making it harder for them to break in without neighbours spotting them. Motion sensing lighting is the best option – rather than being permanently switched on, the light will only turn on when movement is detected outside, saving you money in energy/batteries.


Hang up net curtains

Many burglars like to go window shopping before choosing their target. If passers by can easily see into your living room/bedroom and spot your possessions, it could be worth obstructing the window. Whilst you can draw the curtains, you may not want to always do this on a bright and sunny day. Net curtains are a good option to get around this – they allow you to still let the natural light in whilst distorting the view of your interior from the outside so that passers by can’t eye up your belongings. Other options include frosted and tinted glass as well as blinds.

Trim down high hedges

Whilst high hedges can stop passers-by from peeking in, they also provide useful cover for burglars, preventing neighbours from being able to detect a thief in the act. Consider trimming down any hedges at the front of your home so that burglars don’t have anything to hide behind. Let passers-by see the front of your home, just don’t let them see inside.

Add anti-climb features to fences

Burglars may also try to break into your property by climbing the fence of your garden. Even if they find it hard to then get into your home, they may attempt to steal items from your garden and make a getaway. By making your fencing difficult to climb you can help to deter burglars. This could involve adding latticing to the top or using anti-climb paint that makes your fence slippery or constantly wet.

Use dummy deterrents

You can also add features to your home that trick burglars into thinking your home is more secure than it actually is. For example, if you can’t afford CCTV, simply installing a dummy camera outside your home could be enough of a deterrent. Another dummy deterrent could be to add a ‘beware of the dog’ sign outside your home – even if you don’t have a dog, it will make burglars assume that you do have a guard dog waiting to bark at them and nip them if they attempt to enter.  On top of these deterrents, you can also buy lights for your living room that turn on at night and create a similar glow to the TV – when the home is empty, this could trick burglars into thinking that someone is home and could be less costly on your electricity bill than leaving on the TV itself.


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