Home Habits that are Making your House Look Untidy

If your home is looking untidy but you just don’t know why then there could be a couple of things to blame. Take a look below to find out what could be causing your home to look cramped and cluttered.


If you have a kitchen with a ton of accessories or even appliances then you may find that the whole thing is very user-friendly. You may have everything you need at your disposal and this is a great way for you to really have a stress-free experience when you are cooking a family meal for everyone. There are ways for you to have this however, without having absolutely everything out on the counter. One thing that you can do is try and opt for shelves and even storage cabinets. This will help your kitchen to look neat and tidy, not to mention that it will also help you to keep everything well-organised. When planning your space, try and make sure that you have a lot of open space between your storage and always try and limit the amount of things on show.

kitchen image 8


Your bathroom sink will probably get a lot of use throughout the day and it will probably be a bit mucky as a result. It helps to treat your sink to a good wipe-down from time to time as this will help to stop those grimy spots from building up and it will also go a long way when it comes to keeping the whole thing looking clean and as it should.


Overgrown grass and even tall weeds can make your garden look incredibly messy. If you are not the gardening type then consider having some artificial grass installed. When you get this done, you will soon see how the whole thing comes together and you will also see how it really makes your home look better as a result as well. If this isn’t an option for you then you may want to consider getting some decking put down. When you do have decking however, you should take note that it does require some maintenance and if you aren’t able to do this then your decking will lose colour and it may even rot away as well. Having a tidy home is all about maintenance, so when you make a decision make sure that you stick with that.

Living Room

Your living room can look cluttered for a number of reasons. If you have a carpet that is very patterned then this won’t help you out at all, so consider looking at flooring at carpetone.com.au to see if they can give you the support you need. When you do buy new flooring, try and make sure that it is as plain as possible. When you are able to do this, you can make the whole room feel bigger and you also reduce the feeling of clutter as well. When you combine this with a new lick of paint, you’d be surprised at what a huge difference it can make to a room.


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