Keeping those memories alive…

Life is all about making memories and memories can be made in many different ways. It’s not just about those big milestone events such as birthdays, graduations or weddings, it’s also about those times where you burst into fits of laughter with your best friend, when someone who made a big impact on your life moves away and you no longer get to see them – only remember them or when you go on a day trip or holiday and have the most amazing time.

Often, we can be enjoying ourselves so much that we feel sad when they come to an end. With this in mind, I thought I’d share some top tips with you for keeping hold of these memories so that you always have them to look back at:


Taking pictures is one of my favourite things to do, at the end of the day, experiences last a moment but photographs last forever and now, with smart phone cameras being just as good as an actual camera, it’s so easy to just snap away. Another favourite of mine is looking through old photographs, I will quite often just flick through my phone pictures or pull out an old album – it just makes me smile. You can do so much with photos – print them and put them in a frame, make yourself a photobook, or just store them on your computer like a modern day photo album.



Have you ever been on the most amazing day trip that you just didn’t want it to end? Well, as all good things must come to an end, why not treat yourself to something whilst you’re there to remember your day? Maybe a mug or a keyring? Enamel pins are great to collect as memorabilia, in fact my sister used to have a collection of them pinned to an old jumper when we were younger – they’re great to look at and relive the story of where they came from. Whilst I’m on the topic on enamel pins, I recently discovered Old English Company, who’s products are right up my street! They currently have a competition running for a chance to bag yourself a set of their enamel pins, go check it out here.


Picture Source

Books & Journals

Writing about your favourite moments in a journal means you not only get to relive them as you’re initially jotting them down but also for a second time when you’re reading them back at a later date. There’s some really lovely journals available to buy and it’s easy to just open one up & have a read if you need a smile after a bad day. Plus, you can always hand the book down to your children and grandchild so they can reminisce on those precious memories too.

journal image 1


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