Feeling Uninspired? Here are Some Places to Look for a Fresh Perspective

Sometimes when we are halfway through a creative project, we can run out of inspiration and what once was a joy can slowly become a grind to get finished. There are some typical places you might head for inspiration, but there are some more unusual ideas that you should consider next time you find yourself in need of a little boost.

Head outside. Nature is one of the most powerful givers of inspiration. If you are used to working on technology all day long, sometimes, the change can be a welcome shock to the system. It doesn’t have to be a lovely sunny day for you to get the reset that you need, the wind, rolling debris, animal noises, textures – all help.

Magazines. Everything is accessible online. However, we respond differently to something in our hand that we can touch than we do to scrolling through pages online. Pick up a couple of magazines on the subject you’re currently working on and a random one that has nothing to do with it. Give yourself thirty minutes to slowly flick through them. Earmark things to go back to, look at the colours, the fonts, the images, let your brain start working on how to implement what you see into your work.

Surf the internet, and check out a website that is going to bring you something unusual or unexpected to look at. Colours, patterns, and different photographic compositions can give us new perspectives on how we might tackle something.

lion image 1

Music. Most freelancers have a couple of playlists set up for different periods during the day, some for ‘in the zone’ some for the beginning thought processes and others just for background noise. If you don’t have any, take some time and put together a couple that you think might help with your productivity. If you get a bit stuck, most music platforms have a selection of playlists ready and waiting. Type in the genre you are looking for, and you will get some suggestions to help you.

Head back in time. Well, unless you have a time machine, then this one is all about looking back into the past. Try and check out art from different periods. You can do this in person by heading to a gallery or start Googling a selection of time periods that you like. The clothing and culture of different times can be exciting, the available material and textures can make an impact on current works too. Marketing materials through the ages are very visually absorbing regarding colours and design. Even the language used can bring a fresh twist to your current job.

Walk away. If we push too hard to get through a piece of work, we can burn out easily. It is more important to relax and reset. If you have deadlines to meet, then take an hour away and do something completely unrelated to work, with the understanding that when you return with fresh eyes, you will complete the task.

Inspiration can come from many places, and sometimes we have to get up and go and find it.


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