6 Things That Confirm You’re An Adult

Nothing is more terrifying than the thought of growing up and becoming an adult. That’s something we all learned from watching Peter Pan too many times, our fingers crossed as we silently wish Neverland is a metaphor for real life. Of course, deep down, we know this isn’t true. It’s why you’ve got a “Don’t Grow Up, It’s A Trap” poster on the wall in your hallway, why you still wear Winnie The Pooh pyjamas, why you still enjoy pizza nights so much and do all you can to act like a pseudo-child.

I know what you’re thinking. “But everyone over the age of 18 is an adult.” And yes, technically, you are right. But there is a massive difference between being an adult and acting like an adult. That’s why this list of things will help you determine whether you are a fully-fledged adult or still struggling with that whole concept.

Your Wine Buying Habit Has Changed

Once upon a time, you would stand in the corner shop and look at the prices instead of the bottle, opting for the cheapest one no matter what it was. But that’s changed because you now look for the bottle that has been reduced the most, without going above £7. Go you.


Your Laundry Suggest Forward-Thinking

When you were in college, you would know it was a Thursday because you weren’t wearing any underwear. Not out of choice, but because you had run out and forgotten to do your laundry. But this is a thing of the past. Now you do your laundry before it’s too late, which suggest you’ve learned how to forward-think like an adult.

The Cleaning Battle Has Been Won

There was a time in your life when you hated cleaning so much that you actually preferred living in messy, unhygienic squalor. But this has been reversed. Now you like living in a clean place more than you hate cleaning, which is a great battle to win and confirmation you are an adult.

The Same Goes For Your Garden

You used to be happy pulling back the curtains (at 3pm) and looking out at a wilderness of overgrown grass and shrubs and telling people that you love having a jungle in your backyard. But now you’re a member of Vitax Garden World and hate anything by a perfectly manicured garden, complete with lawn stripes.

You Cook For Friends

Remember what it used to be like when friends come over at that awkward time just before you were about to start cooking dinner. Either you had to change your plans and get a takeout or they would have to sit their watching TV while you ate. Nowadays, though, you actually offer to feed your friends when they come over, which is because you have a fully-stocked fridge all the time.


Nights Out Are The Worst

There was a time when the thought of getting dressed up and partying until the next morning would be appealing. However, once you become a ‘proper adult’ the thought of getting onto the sofa in your pj’s to watch a TV series you’re hooked on with a brew, suddenly becomes much more welcoming.


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