Five Things to Check when Spring Cleaning Around Your Home

When the weather turns warm and Bank Holidays arrive, you might want to make the most out of the time you have at home and clean out your conservatory, give your house a spring clean, or even deal with things that need to be fixed. Once you move the furniture, you might come across some shocking discoveries. Below you will find a checklist of what to look out for when giving your home some TLC.

blinds image 1Image via Scott Air Force Base

Weather Damage

When washing your windows and window sills, you should look out for weather damage on the outside. The clear indicators of this problem are fallen tiles and mortar, or gaps between the window or door frame and the brickwork. This problem cannot be treated as a DIY project, and if you see some cracks in the walls, it might be time to get in touch with a builder to get some of the brickwork repointed, before it is too late.


Leaks are obvious, if they are coming from the roof, but you might not have noticed a pipe leaking under the sink, or a leaking gutter. These can cause long term damage to your property, so you must address them. If you happen to live in a home that was built in the 50-s or 60-s, you might have Finlock gutters that are integrated in your brickwork and joints. When the concrete wears off, the gutter can start to leak inside your walls.


Once you move your sofa, your bed, or wardrobe to clean your floor and carpet, you might also come across mould. This can be due to the lack of ventilation or heating in the winter, or a sign of bad insulation. You will have to talk to a specialist an find out how to rearrange your furniture or heaters to avoid the problem. You might also want to get some damp seal paint after you cleaned the wall, so you can prevent further condensation.

Sign of Pests

It is not the nicest thing to discover dead or alive creepy crawlies in your conservatory, garage, shed, or even greenhouse. If you are a keen gardener, you will have to protect your plants from damage caused by various pests in the garden, while keeping them out of your home. If you see any sign of infestation, you could get in touch with a professional Pest control company to deal with the issue before it gets worse.

Pipes and Appliances

When giving your kitchen and bathroom a deep cleaning and completing your home maintenance routine, including painting and regrouting, you have to get the pipework inspected, including the drain pipes. Look out for signs of physical damage and make sure that you talk to an experienced plumber if you are in doubt. Give your appliances a spring clean using vinegar, and check them for leaks and physical damage.

Spring cleaning your home is necessary to spot the signs of wear and tear. Check for these areas and you can enjoy a carefree summer.


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