Being Stylish Whilst Being Yourself

When it comes to decorating the interior of your house, there’s so many themes, colours, and designs to choose from. You can easily go minimalist if you’re on a budget, with white washed walls and one painting in your living room. Or you can go cluttered but homely, with pencil pots, stacks of books, and all kinds of sculptures everywhere. Depending on the kind of person you are, either one of these options could be stylish to you!

And yet, there’s some things that seem like a nono in the interior design world. If you’re a bit on the nerdy side and want 80s posters everywhere, it’s easy to seem like you never left your teenage phase! But it’s your house, and you should love it. So don’t let yourself regret the wallpaper you’ve hung up in the bedroom! Here’s some tips for making sure your rooms really reflect you.

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Introduce Balance

This will also help to introduce a sense of the artiste about your living space; there’s a sense of contained punk about your room, and you’re honestly going to be hanging out in a room that looks like it walked straight out of a romcom.

As long as you have balance in a room, that indicates the good health and lively personality of the person living there, it won’t matter what Quad Movie Posters you have inside the black rimmed frames you bought specially.

Be Practical

Just because something looks nice doesn’t mean it actually works for your living space! You’re going to end up severely annoyed everytime you need to make your bed in the morning when you’re tired out of your mind and still need to put all the scatter cushions back on the mattress!

So instead, scatter these cushions elsewhere. On top of dressers and wardrobes, across your sofa and even make a fort of them in the corner of the living room. It’s your living space, and it’s just become a lot more functional for your actual lifestyle with this one change! Try to apply this rule in every room.

Pick Out What You Want

Yes, you went shopping with your mother for prints you could hang up in that negative space behind the armchair, and you were convinced to go with something bold and bright when you wanted pastel. If only we could go back in time to help your past self put their foot down!

Buy what you would want to see around you, what would make you the most comfortable, and what you’d be proud to have had a hand in. There’s no good having dark red walls when you know an apple green is what would liven you up for work in the mornings!

Being stylish in your own home is easily done when you know what you want and are willing to compromise when it comes to reflecting yourself. Your house, your rules after all. And even if you’re planning to sell up one day, things can be changed!


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