Building A Fantasy Land In Your Back Garden

Your garden. The place where weeds are likely to overgrow, the fence is dark and leaning, and the shed hasn’t seen the light of day in at least a year. And all this adds up to a sense of mystery and adventure, just like walking through the woods and discovering hidden sounds, sights, smells, and animals!

Now’s the time to recreate this sense of magic in your own space so you can feel free to frolic whenever you want to! We’ve left the winter behind, and now there’s a lot of sun and warm air moving in on us. So it’s time to get back out into the garden; it’s healthy for your body and mind as well as being extremely productive! And what better way to rekick your outdoor living plans than finally dedicating some time to building up that fantasy landscape you’ve always dreamed of… Here’s some ways to get started.

bird image 2

Plant the Right Flowers

There’s all kinds of plant species out there, but you’re going to want the most colourful ones to climb up the side of your house, as well as some more exotic looking ferns to litter the ground to make you feel like you’ve been transported out of your suburban neighborhood. Lavender is always popular for making you feel like you’re walking through a foreign jungle full of wonder!

Get yourself a herb garden to start off with, as it won’t only make your garden smell like you’re living in a 16th century castle, but there’s also some pretty magical properties to be had from the most common spices out there. Something like Sage would be good to start off with, as it’s easy to grow and can easily take pride of place. Then sow down some Mint or Basil around it, as these herbs easily complement each other, and can make some tasty dishes once the leaves are fully grown through.

Plan for Animals

Animals are a big part of what makes a garden feel magical, and you’re never going to feel more like you’re in another world than seeing a Blue Tit emerge from a bird house, and hear the chirps of babies from inside it. If you’re lucky, you might spot a squirrel or two hiding under the bushes. Let animals get used to your presence and they’ll never leave you!

If your garden is big enough, or you’re lucky enough to have an acre or two to your name, you can always look into some stables for sale, which won’t only house your very own horse if you also have one of those, but you can also use it as a great back garden hideaway. Pop down some extremely aesthetic copper watering cans, empty clay pots, sacks of hay in the corner and a workbench in pride of place, and it’ll feel like a witchy hide away for hot summer’s days!

Building your own fantasy garden is a bit of a paradise project, but you can easily make it real!


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