Renovating our conservatory…

It has been agesssss since I have done a renovation post, in fact the last one I did was in June 2016 when we renovated our bedroom (which has a lovely new king size bed now 😬), so I’ve decided to share our conservatory makeover with you, which to be fair we have only just recently finished.

When we bought the house, this is what it looked like…


Now as much as I love those green frilly curtains, they were the first things to be taken down (I just couldn’t risk them getting damaged during the renovations could I?! 😳😏).


The conservatory stayed empty for a while and this was because during a rainy January we discovered it had a leaky roof, only to then find out that it couldn’t be fixed and that it would need a new one. So, with this in mind we decided to hold off decorating it whilst we saved up for a new roof; after all, there was no point in making it look pretty for it to just get damaged by water.

We couldn’t decide between a glass or tiled conservatory roof at first, but decided on a tiled one in the end as it just made more sense. It was a little more expensive but has many more benefits, including reduced bills, a longer guarantee and being able to get more use out of it (none of that too hot in Summer, too cold in Winter malarkey!).

We had ours fitted by Snowdonia, a company local to us and I have to say that I can’t recommend them enough. Not only did they give us the best price, they also did an amazing job and when we found a slight leak from one of the drain pipes after it was complete, they came and fixed it straight away.

We had the room plastered, but we decided to keep one wall brick as we wanted an industrial feel to this room so thought it would fit in well. As the conservatory is just off the kitchen, we decided to stick to the same colour scheme (grey, cream and teal) in both rooms, which also meant we didn’t have to spend too much on paint because we used what was leftover from our kitchen around the windows (which is Biscuit from Wickes) and just had to buy one tin of ‘feature wall’ paint from Dulux for the teal wall.

We inherited the oak laminate flooring from my very lovely uncle and it matched the kitchen one perfectly, so we saved money here too. Oh, and we bought the sofa from Sofology (you’ve probably spotted Neil the sloth) – these guys are great, we had our living room sofa and chair from there too!

The next stage was to change this hideous lighting…


And replace it with something a little bit special…

IMG_8788 (1)

Now, I won’t go into this too much as I’m planning another post dedicated to my favourite feature in this room (the shelf), but how amazing does this look? The lighting was created by my wonderful brother in law, Matt, who did what he does best and basically made what I asked for (don’t ask me how as I don’t have a clue), but what I do know is that the copper shades are from B&Q if that helps?!

The shelf and said lighting was designed by my lovely big sister, who’s interior design brain just amazes me (she blogs over at, go check her out) and made by Mark’s dad. We got the wood from B&Q and the brackets from my mum and dad’s garage, we then varnished the shelf to match our coffee table (see picture below) and painted the brackets with Rust-Oleum Winter Grey furniture paint.


To furnish the room, we got a TV unit second hand for £60, the grey storage cubes are from B&Q and the coffee table was from a furniture shop in Wrexham (that has since closed down).

I’m so happy with how this room turned out, it’s probably one of my favourite rooms in the house to be honest. It may have taken us a while to get round to renovating it, but it was definitely worth the wait.

Keep your eyes peeled for my ‘what’s on the shelf?’ post coming soon…

3 thoughts on “Renovating our conservatory…

  1. Dawn says:

    Wow! That’s so amazing Faye. I really got an idea from your blog. We just had a conservatory installed by All Seasons Roof. I am browsing to find ideas to make it more gorgeous. Thank you for the ideas.

    Liked by 1 person

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