3 Simple Ways To Cope With A Painfully Noisy Roommate

Are you looking for the perfect roommate? Well, you’re probably going to be looking for a very long time! Look, everyone has their pros and cons, and it’s all about figuring out how to live with the cons and enjoy the pros. Speaking of which, one of the biggest complaints most people have with their roommate is noise. Everything they do is loud. It makes you feel like you’re living in a house that’s trying to figure out if it’s a zoo or club. The noise can feel like it never ends, and you’ve asked them to be quiet, but they just can’t help it.

What can you do in a situation like this? Well, it may surprise you that there are lots of small things you can try to help cope with a painfully noisy roommate.

Soundproof The Bedroom Doors

Most of the time, the noise comes from their bedroom. Or, you’re in your bedroom when you hear the noise. Either way, you can solve this issue by soundproofing the doors. It starts with a good-quality door that blocks off as much sound as possible. Wooden doors are good at doing this, and there are companies like UK Oak Doors that sell some really thick and solid ones. Get a big, thick, bedroom door, and make sure it’s a hinged door too. Sliding doors look cool, but they aren’t very soundproof. Then, it’s a case of sealing off the gaps around the door with some soundproofing tape. Now, less noise escapes their room, and less noise enters yours. So, they can be loud and do what they love doing, and you can be peaceful in your room.

Consider Laying Down Carpet Or Rugs

Sometimes, it’s not the noise from their room that’s annoying, it’s the noise they make as they walk around the house. Their feet are banging against the flooring, and it’s amazingly loud. In fact, it’s almost impressive that a human can sound this loud! Here, you can try and solve this by putting carpet down or buying some thick rugs. This provides you with softer flooring that makes less sound. Especially when compared to hardwood flooring that’s being walked on with shoes! Try this, and it should reduce a lot of noise.

Slamproof Everything

I feel like slamproof isn’t a real word, but let’s just roll with it. Basically, I’m talking about all the times your roommate opens doors, cabinets, cupboards, or closes the toilet seat. What happens? They slam everything shut, creating a loud noise. You can fix this by slamproofing as much of your stuff as possible. As the video above shows, you can buy and install soft close hinges for cabinets and some doors. This stops slamming from occurring, and you can clearly see how quieter it is. The same thing can be done with toilet seats, many are now soft-close lids which are impossible to slam. Therefore, you can get rid of more loud noises created by your roommate!

If you have a noisy roommate, then you can easily get around their biggest fault thanks to these three ideas. Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy a more peaceful home.


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