4 Truths About Cohabiting You Never Thought About

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On paper, cohabiting seems like one of the best things you can do. You get to spend more time with your partner, you get to have breakfast and dinner with them, you basically get to cut the cost of rent or a mortgage in half and you get to feel like a grown-up for, let’s be honest, the first time in your pressurised life.

The reality, however, is quite different and that’s because cohabiting is one of the trickiest tests any relationship will ever go through. We’re talking less space, more people and the need to compromise on pretty much everything and, if that’s not a recipe for disaster then who knows what is.

Anyway, to help prepare you a little bit more, we’ve rounded up the things no one tells you about moving in with the person (you hope!) you’ll live with forever:

Choosing Where To Live

Unless one of you owns a place, then the issue of picking somewhere to live becomes a tough one. Do you move in with him, does he move in with you, do you go to see some letting agents and handover your criteria and see what they come up with, do you both start saving up and look to buy somewhere, is one bedroom enough. There’s so much to think about. Our advice: let the letting agents help you.

The Game Of Closet Chess

There becomes this odd battle that no one talks about – the battle for closet space. Seriously, the only way to describe it is as a game of chess, but where neither player really knows they’re engaged. You know that splitting it half and half seems fair, but you’ve just gone and bought more stuff so those extra inches seem up for grabs.

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Your Routines Don’t Align

You really start to see the real person you love when you move into together, especially if your routines and schedules and patterns and all that. The most obvious example is when one of you is a night owl and the other one is a morning person. Getting used to bedtimes that aren’t optimal for either person is a challenge at first, but you’ll get there in the end (which is mainly because adults are boring and all of us get to a stage where we can’t stay up past 10pm).

The Bathroom Struggle Is Real

Not only do you need to get used to someone else possibly wanting to shower and stuff before they go to work, meaning you either have to get up earlier or get used to being late, but you also have to get used to going to the bathroom in their vicinity. We’re not saying you have to get used to doing your thing with the door open, but there’s not so much anonymity or hiding when there are two people in an apartment and only one bathroom. It’s just something to be aware of and get comfortable with, that’s all.

Other than that, get ready for one of the most amazing adventures of your life because that’s what it is. It’s amazing.


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