Make Use Of Your Loft Space

The loft is an often underrated room of the house. Your loft is a space which most of us will use to store Christmas decorations random light fittings and childhood toys, however that is usually where the interaction with our loft comes to a halt.

However, if you spend some time and invest a little bit of money into this space, you can turn it into an incredible part of your home. By using a company like Empire Lofts to board out the space, you will see the foundations for an incredibly storage opportunity right before your eyes.

Converted attic space

Assess your space

Before you start planning how you want to use this space, you will want to assess what space you have available to use. Measure every single spec of space in the loft and then draw a sketch of it so that you have something to reference. Remember to view this space as an extra room in the house. You could turn this into a studio, a spare bedroom, and office or simply us it for storage. Either way this is a room which is heavily underused in many homes.

Think of a bedroom

Imagine how amazing it would be to have the loft as your master bedroom or a bedroom for the kids? It would be like coming to a private place in the house and being able to use all those nooks and crannies for your belongings. You would also get an amazing view out of the roof if you installed a window in there.

Add a built in desk

Use the space under the eaves and turn it into a cute little desk area. Build the desk, computer space and storage all in this nook so that you can sit at the desk and make the most of every bit of space in the room.

Bright and white

If you want to really add this room as a new element in your home, you will need to do some decorating work. It might seem like a chore, but think of it like a project just like you would with the living room or the kitchen. Have some fun with the space and plaster the ceiling and walls, lay a hardwood floor and then get to painting. Even if you install large windows you will want to make the most of natural light here, which is why painting the walls white is the best option,you can accessorise with colours in the form of furniture.

Paint the floor

Perhaps a slightly more unconventional way to decorate the room, but actually if you paint the floor a light pastel blue or white it can make a massive difference to the way the space feels. Step away from the stereotype of a dark and dingy loft with a bright and modern one instead.

Build into the low walls

Make use of the low walls and build cupboards and shelving units to maximise the space. It will make your life much easier and mean you have more space left for other things in the room.

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