Staying Healthy over the Christmas Period

Christmas time is about being more than cosy. It is about doing more than having a good time and creating memories. No, Christmas time is about staying healthy, too. And, whether you’ve realised this yet or not, Christmas time is a time where your health can deteriorate, and it can do so without you even realising! To see how you can stay healthy this Christmas, make sure to read on.

christmas image 3

Don’t destroy your eating regime

Christmas time is a time where things begin to get a bit wild. Christmas time is time where the excuse ‘oh well, it’s Christmas’ rears its head far too often. These things happen for good reason and for a good cause, but when this kind of lackadaisical approach to life takes over it’s easy to lose regime. Specifically, what with all the enticing holiday treats that are on offer, it is easy to lose an eating regime. And, this doesn’t even necessarily mean losing a healthy eating regime, either. No, this means losing an eating regime altogether! It means forgoing breakfast. It means replacing lunch and even dinner with unhealthy snacks or, in a worse case scenario, just alcohol. And it means eating an abundance of junk and not eating anything that is wholesome over the festive season until Christmas dinner.

To maintain your eating regime, you don’t even have to cut down on all the Christmas treats you love to indulge on at this time of the year. You don’t have to eat all those mini pies and drink all that beer. What you need to do, however, is ensure that all the wildness of the festivities doesn’t mean you are missing out on your vital meals of the day. What this also means is that you should not be forgoing wholesome meals and letting the only meal that you at over the holiday season be the one on Christmas Day.

Know your alcohol limits and do not exceed them

But, it being said that you should still enjoy yourself and indulge on certain things over Christmas does not mean that you should exceed your limits, no matter what kind of celebratory mood you are in. Specially, this means not exceeding your alcohol tolerance limits no matter what party, or how many parties, you attend. When you do so you put yourself in just as much danger as getting alcohol poisoning as you would at any other point of the year — Santa can’t protect you from that. What’s more, if you were to exceed your alcohol tolerance limits and pass out, you would miss out on enjoying all of the festivities.

Stay happy and warm, no matter the weather

Of course, Christmas time is smack bang in the middle of the winter season. The winds are bitterly cold. Snow is likely to fall at some point. There is rain — a lot of it! Basically, if it wasn’t the Christmas period, it would be an otherwise quite depressing part of the year!

And, the cold climate has the potential to ruin Christmas worse than the Grinch ever did and, more importantly, make somebody very unhealthy if it is given the chance to do so. The first way in which it can make somebody unhealthy is through what is known as seasonal affective disorder, otherwise known as SAD. This is a disorder — a very real disorder — in which those who suffer with it feel depressed and sad due to the weather outside. But, thankfully, there are proven ways in which this disorder can be dealt with, and it simply must be dealt with if you and your loved ones are to stay happy and healthy these Christmas come rain, sleet or snow.

The second way in which the outside climate can ruin Christmas and cause health problems is through the way it makes everything and everybody so damn cold. And it is for this reason why heating your home over the holiday season is a must if you want to keep you, your family and any visitors you might over the holidays warm and healthy, especially if any of these people are of an older generation. When it comes to doing this, make sure to consider home heating oil, otherwise known as kerosene, when it comes to your heating needs. When you do so, you will be able to be sure that you will have a quality heating refuelling service on tap in your home to see you and your guests stay warm and healthy the whole festive season long.

Staying healthy this Christmas is something that will not necessarily be at the forefront of your mind, but it must be if you want to enjoy your holiday season and make it all it can be.


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