It’ll Be Cosy This Christmas

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Christmas and cosiness go hand in hand. It’s a time for getting together with good friends and family, eating good food and drinking delicious drinks. Basically, it’s appreciating what you have. That should be enough to give you a warm, cosy feeling in itself, but if you want to take this Christmas’ cosy factor up to eleven, here are a few things you could do:

A Cluster of Candles

For some of us, every day is a candle day, but there’s no denying that the festive season is prime time for candles. The soft, twinkling light they emit is almost as big a part of the season as Christmas trees, and mince pies, which is good news because the soft light and extra warmth brought into the home by candles is extremely cosy, especially if you choose a Christmas scented set, like the one at Village Candle. Heavenly!

Invest in a New Duvet

Not only will buying a warmer duvet from The Duvet Store ensure that your Christmas Eve is warmer and cosier than ever before, but it’ll also ensure those post-Christmas party duvet days are heavenly and hygge too. What more could you want?

In with the Chunky

Now is the perfect time to fold up your light linen covers and throws and pack them away for the Christmas season, In their place, bring out the chunky knitted cushion covers, faux fur throws and granny blankets. Choose traditional Christmas colours like reds, greens and whites, for a warm, jolly festive decor that everyone will enjoy.

Set Up a Hot Chocolate Station

If there’s a drink that’s cosier than hot chocolate, then I haven’t heard of it, which is why I love the idea of setting up a  hot chocolate station. All you need to do is set aside an aisle of your kitchen, or even better a mini bar style piece of furniture, and fill it with mugs, hot chocolate, marshmallows and maybe a bit of tinsel or some fairy lights to jazz it up a bit. Then, when guests are over, they can help themselves.

Trees, Trees, Trees

If you love Christmas trees (and who doesn’t?), there’s no law saying that you can only have one in the living room, and perhaps another in the hallway. You can have as many Christmas trees as you want, and I think you’ll find having one in the bedroom, with its festive aroma and twinkling lights, will really cosy things up in there.

Simmer Christmas on the Stove

One of the cosiest things about Christmas is its distinctive aroma; you know the one it’s like cinnamon sugar, citrus and it’s absolutely amazing. Wouldn’t it be nice if your home always smelled that way this Christmas? Well, it can if you simmer this stuff on your stove.  Simply amazing!

Fairy Lights

No Christmas would be complete without fairy lights, and if you want your home to be completely cosy this Christmas, I suggest you buy a lot of them. Hang white lights around your door frames, over mirrors, wrap them around the bannisters, place them in bowls – your whole home will look and feel like a magical wonderland.

Here’s to a cosy Christmas!

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