How to Reduce Your Energy Bills

gas hob

It’s really easy to allow some bills to continue rolling over and get more and more expensive as time goes on. Insurance companies are terrible for this, and it really is worth setting a reminder in your phone for a couple of week before automatic renewal to make sure you get time to shop around first.

But it’s not just insurance that can end up costing over the odds. Electricity, gas and water all quickly add up so finding ways to reduce these bills will be the first step to saving up for that ideal holiday or dream extension.

Shop Around

First and foremost, you must shop around to get the best deal. Every company will try to tell you that what they are offering is the best on the market but that’s what their advertising and marketing teams would say! Sites like Go Compare or MoneySupermarket are brilliant for presenting you with a bunch of different tariff options and then giving you like for like information.

It’s also worth noting when certain companies have deals on too as this could save you money. However, many deals are there to entice you in and won’t necessarily be a good long term solution. This means that doing the maths and figuring out where the benefits are is still necessary for finding the best deal.

Use Efficient Devices

Even with the best tariffs on the market, if your devices are inefficient, you are still going to be paying way more than you should. Water heaters are especially varied – some are brilliant and really efficient, others not so much! If you aren’t sure what is best for you, read up on gas water heater reviews to get an idea of how much you could invest and how much you could save.

Lights and heating are another area where you could save a small fortune. Getting a good central heating system and efficient radiators is essential if you want to save. In fact, some stand alone heaters can actually be more efficient than your radiators so are worth looking into as a cheaper solution. Similarly, LED light bulbs are a must for the energy efficient household. They waste less electricity on heat and are much brighter too.

Be a Smart User

Once you have the best tariff and the most efficient stuff, you still need to be smart about what you are using and when. Leaving the lights on all day – not such a great money saver and completely pointless if you are out!

There are all sorts of apps and devices like smart meters that will help you to see where your biggest costs are giving you the chance to see where you could cut back to make further savings. Depending on the sophistication of the technology, you could end up paying quite a lot for this service though, so if you already have a good idea of what’s costing, deal with that first!

Reducing your monthly bills is a great way to save money because you won’t really notice any difference to your lifestyle. Putting money aside instead of spending it now will give you so many more options in the future. Now where are those extension plans…?


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