3 Necessary Tasks If You’re Hosting Christmas

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In the early stages of a relationship, there is always a debate: whose family should you spend Christmas with? It’s fair to say this is a tough decision. In the early years, many couples separate for Christmas to spend it with their respective families– but that doesn’t quite cut it when you’re living together. You want to spend Christmas together and you want to see both families.

The most obvious solution is that you and your partner host Christmas at your own home. You can invite both families, spend time as a big unit, and practice your hostess skills at the same time. While this is an excellent idea that can help to bring families closer together, it’s also potentially problematic– especially if you’ve never hosted a big gathering before.

If you’re going to attempt the joint Christmas hosting this year, then here are a few tips to help you breeze through to Boxing Day.

Step One: Prime The Essentials

If you’re going to provide a good environment for everyone, then it’s worth taking the time to run through a few maintenance checks on the essentials. For example:

  • Heating is incredibly important, especially if you have children or elderly relatives coming to stay. Take the time to check your heating system thoroughly, potentially even having it serviced to ensure it won’t break down at an inopportune moment. If it’s been awhile since you checked over your oil tanks or bled your radiators, then you’ve still got plenty of time to do so before Christmas arrives. There might not be a white Christmas on the cards, but the likelihood is it will be a cold one, so you need to be sure your heating system can keep up.
  • Run your dishwasher and washing machine through their maintenance cycles, so these appliances can be at their most effective. You don’t want to be juggling dirty dishes in the midst of cooking Christmas dinner.
  • Ensure you have your home security on point; presents under a tree can be hugely tempting to an opportunistic burglar.
  • Thoroughly clean your oven, so you can be confident about cooking times. If you’re cooking an especially large meal, you may want to invest in inexpensive halogen ovens to take some of the load from your main cooker.

Step Two: Solve The Sleeping Problem

Unless you live in a mansion, having to provide sleeping arrangements for two families will require a little work. Air beds and cots might not be the most comfortable items in the world, but they will more than suffice for a few nights at Christmas. If you want to provide a touch of luxury, then investing in nice pillows and cotton pillowcases will be a popular move.

Step Three: Where’s Everyone Sitting For Dinner?

If your number of guests won’t fit around your existing dining table, then you’ll need to take all the steps you possibly can to resolve this. Scan local listings and ad sites like Gumtree; there’s every chance you might be able to pick up a cheap extending table that can ensure everyone has somewhere to sit. If this isn’t possible, then investing in lap trays might be your best bet, so at least everyone is able to eat without too many spills.

Hosting Christmas can be stressful, but if you can take care of the above issues, you and your partner will be able to provide a celebration to remember!


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