Let’s Get Together: Tips For Creating A Communal Kitchen

How many of us feel like slaves to the kitchen? The joy of cooking goes out the window when we have to do it all the time. It’s no surprise, then, that the kitchen is the last room you want to spend time in.The trouble is, no matter how strong your dislike, you still need to eat. As such, there’s no escaping that horrible space. The only way forward, then, is to reinvent it into an area you want to use. And, everyone knows that the best way to do that is to create a communal kitchen which everyone uses. By inviting the rest of your family into the space, you stand the best chance of eliminating the claustrophobia it creates. With a bit of luck, you might even manage to turn it into somewhere you love to be.

But, how can you get your family in the kitchen when they avoid it like the plague? These pointers should do the trick!

Create an eating area

Forget about meals in the living room. Creating an eating area in your kitchen is fantastic for a variety of reasons. Mainly, it helps you to reinvent the space. By incorporating dining table sets like those found at PoL, you can ensure your family will spend at least some time there each day. This is also an excellent way to teach your kids table manners, and avoid those awkward spills on the carpet!

You could go all out and create a breakfast bar as well. This will provide the perfect place for friends and family to perch. You could either sit with them or potter about doing whatever it is you need to. Either way, this is sure to boost the use of the room in a significant way.

kitchen image 6

Provide entertainment

No one likes to sit with nothing to occupy them. In fact, we humans are afraid of inactivity. You’ll find this is especially the case for your kids. They won’t be able to sit on those kitchen chairs for five minutes without getting bored. So, turn your boring space into a fun one by providing entertainment in the kitchen.

It’s worth avoiding a television in the space. It would encourage bad habits, like watching while you eat. But, you could incorporate alternatives, such as a radio or music system. Even a magazine rack will encourage you all to spend more time there.

Use the space during downtime

As with anything, it’s important to lead by example. If your family only see you cooking in the kitchen, why would they want to spend time there? That would be asking for trouble! Instead, get into the habit of spending your downtime there. Pick up those magazines, or turn on the radio. Whatever you do, make sure your family know about.

You’ll soon find that they either pick up your habit or come into the space to see what you’re doing. And, when they do, they’ll see the joys of the room that they never enter!

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