Virtual Reality Escapes in Chester

It was my 29th Birthday last week. Just one more year till the big 3-0 which is absolutely terrifying! We had a long Birthday weekend; taking off the Thursday and Friday so that we could both have a well-earned break. Didn’t seem to do much to ease the pain of almost being 30 though.

The grump (who has a new blog aptly named Grumpy Car Nut by the way) pulled out all the stops to ensure I had a great day and forget about the numbers. The day started with breakfast in bed (croissant, egg and beans…my favourite!) and we then headed off to Chester for some retail therapy.

Whilst there, the Grump asked if I fancied trying Virtual Reality Escapes which is a brand new attraction in Chester near Rufus Court. To be honest, I didn’t really think that it would be my cup of tea but I actually ended up having a really great time!

Virtual Gaming

The attraction is run by two guys called Matt and Michael who were both incredibly friendly and welcoming. Michael even shared our love of the TV show, Frasier which the Grump and I are currently in the middle of re-watching for about the millionth time (we’re up to season six again). He told us how his sister had once met Kelsey Grammer whilst she was working in Hamley’s and we all discussed our favourite episodes. I don’t think any of us had any problem agreeing that the Ski Lodge episode is undoubtedly the best one!

Anyway, back to the gaming…we were both talked through the games that were available for us to play, presented with a VR headset and asked to make our choice of game. Games with three levels of difficulty are available to choose from, with the vast majority of those in the beginners section being aimed at kids (these were my favourite to be honest!)

VR image 1

Fruit Ninja

Without doubt my favourite game available was Fruit Ninja where you use your joy sticks to cut up fruit which is chucked at you. It is actually far more entertaining than I can make it sound and is really addictive once you get going!
Here’s a tip: make sure that you slice the special blue bananas which help you top up your score as you aim for the top of the leader board (I was nowhere near!)

The Blu

You can also watch specially filmed videos using the headsets. This includes ‘theblu’ film where you go deep sea diving to catch a glimpse of a real life whale!
It is ultra-realistic and I’ve got no idea how they film these. You can look around at any point and see what the divers would actually have seen from all possible angles. How many cameras must they need to do this?

I really can’t recommend visiting Virtual Reality Escapes enough the next time you are in Chester. Pricing is very reasonable and the team behind it are very welcoming. A great way to spend a couple of hours.

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