Shared Living: How To Make It Work

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These days, more and more people are choosing to take in lodgers and roommates to help them manage their household finances. Utility bills, energy bills, and rent are sky high these days, and most people are simply unable to live on their own.

Even though shared living might ease your financial worries, it can bring some other problems with it. However, if you follow all of these useful tips, things should go as smoothly as possible.

Respect Each Other’s Privacy

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Even though you are living with someone else, that doesn’t mean that you need to live out of each other’s pockets all the time. It’s super important that you both respect each other’s privacy and give each other peace and quiet if needed. For example, if your roommate wants to spend one evening on their own in their own bedroom, then you shouldn’t try and persuade them to watch TV with you. It’s also important that you respect each other’s belongings and don’t borrow anything without asking. Otherwise, you will find that arguments start to occur.

 Decorate Together

 If you both move in at the same time, it’s a nice idea to spend some time decorating the apartment together. This will give you a chance to bond before you get settled in. You can visit home decorations stores together to pick out items of furniture, crockery, and furnishings. This way, there won’t just be either you or your roommate’s personality dominating the decor. You can combine both your interior styles to make a decor that you both feel very at home in.

Pool Your Money

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 You should also set up a kitty for any household expenses and costs. This is a small pot of money that you each put a set amount of cash in each week. For instance, you might just want to put a fiver in, and you can then dip into the kitty whenever you need to buy small items for the apartment, such as light bulbs or milk. It’s also a good idea to set up a joint bank account for paying larger shared expenses, including energy and electricity bills.

Set Up A Cleaning Rota

If there is one thing that all roommates argue about from time to time, it is cleaning! One way to banish all of these arguments for good is to create a cleaning rota. This makes sure that everyone does their fair share of washing up, hoovering, and cleaning the bathroom. You can write down your rota on a calendar, just make sure it includes all of the chores and mentions whose turn it is to do them. You can rotate the jobs around on a weekly or monthly basis, it’s completely up to you and your roommate!

Shared living might not be the ideal way to live, but it certainly beats paying the rent all on your own! And you never know, finding a new roommate might lead you to find a new friend for life. Just make sure you use all the above tips so it’s a success!

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