Protecting Your Possessions While Moving


Moving requires a large planning effort in order to progress in a way that’s most ideal. It’s likely that you want to make the journey one piece despite the stress and worry of the planning stage. While looking after yourself is one thing, looking after your possessions is another.

Choosing the right moving service from the offset is worthwhile. Checking out the services offered by firms such as Squab Self Storage can help give you a predicted quote weeks or months before the move is to take place. However, despite the professional candor of firms looking to transport your items well, you can add additional safety to the whole process, to both give you peace of mind and make it easier for those transporting your high-value items.

Here’s how:

Wrap Everything Twice

First, picking up bubble wrap to cover your most valued items is important. It will help stop the item breaking if a dull thud occurs through transit. One layer is often not enough. Wrap twice for the possession to be fully protected. If you’re looking for more security for your super high profile items, consider purchasing large air bubble pocket wrapping, which you can use to fill any spare storage in the box you ship your items in. This will secure the items in place, and provide extra padding when a hard knock is experienced.


Most removal companies will offer some form of insurance option to ensure that you’re covered if a very simply and human mistake occurs during the course its travel. However, the insurance offered might not be complete in its appeal, meaning that the coverage might not span certain high-value items. Also, if you do decide to opt for the main insurance offered by the removal firm, this often doesn’t include items that are pre-packaged by yourself.

So, you have a decision to make. Do you let the (often competent) removal workers wrap your item at potentially extra cost to be valid for the insurance, or do you want to wrap them yourself and cover them with another service? Be sure to communicate with your removalists and see what’s on offer. They might be able to perfectly accommodate your needs.

Car Storage

The way you bring home items in your car will determine how protected they are. It can be tempting to bring a trailer or top-box with you if you’re trying to lessen your moving quote, but in the effort to package these items you can do more harm than good. A car overfilled with items is dangerous and challenging to drive also. If you must bring items with you in the car, make sure that you take multiple trips and space out the items in an even, balanced way. Secure them with bungee cords. Make sure that you don’t overestimate the driving weight limit of your car. If in doubt, ask the home removalists to move the items.
With these tips, you are sure to have your items of most sentimental value work for you, as opposed to breaking or becoming compromised during transit.


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