You Say Potato: The Cohabiters’ Guide To Sharing The Garden

Let’s call the whole thing off! Is not something you want to hear from your other half, just because you’ve had a little argument about the best place to plant your vegetables in the shared garden. After all, cohabitating is all about sharing and compromise. Of course, this a major pain in the butt, if you have a definitive plan for your outside space and your other half doesn’t agree with it. Which is why you should read the garden sharing tips below, and give yourself the best chance at keeping everyone happy.

Mark out areas

One thing that can really help if you are in danger of starting the next world war over who gets what side of the garden is to mark out separate his and hers, hers and hers, or his and his area. OK, it might sound a little petty, but if you have widely different ideas of what you want the outside space to look like, it can be the only way that you can both score a win.

garden image 1

Divide the garden up straight down the middle, or assign areas such as flower and vegetable beds to each person based on availability and demand. Just make sure to ask the other person if you are going to encroach on their space. Otherwise, they could interpret it as a hostile invasion of their territory!

Have some retreat space

The thing about the garden is that for many people it’s a retreat. Somewhere they can go and garden and spend some time on their own. Something that can be a very useful pressure release for any cohabiting couple. Especially when your better half is really starting to grate on your nerves.

shed image 1

That is why it’s a clever idea to install things like a shed, shelter, or one of these Streamline Greenhouses by Elite in your corner of the garden. As they don’t take up too much room, and they can provide a place both to get some potting done, and to take refuge in hard times.

Divvy up chores

Next, an essential strategy for sharing a garden successfully is to divvy up the jobs in a fair manner. That means as much as you love to potter about with a watering can and hate to do the weeding you will need to do your fair share. Otherwise, your other half is going to get a little cheesed off with the arrangement.

Make a list of outside chores that need doing and divide them between you, or alternatively rotate who does the tasks outside and who doe the inside ones every week. As this add variety, and ensure that everything gets done in a fair and equal way.


Put tools back

Lastly, if you are sharing the garden, you must remember to return the tools that you have been using to where they came from. This is something that will stand you in good stead if you are both avid gardens, as no one will get annoyed because they can’t find something.

It’s also great safety wise, as a rake forgotten in the grass by one person can easily become a health hazard to their other half. Especially, if they have no idea that it is there lying in wait for them, causing your other half to say something a bit more colourful than potato!

garden tools 1

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