Guest Post: Living With A Vaper…

Something a little different on the blog today folks, my friend and follow blogger Sophie, who you can find over at Sisters In a Pod is going to chat to you about what it’s like to live with a vaper…

Living with a boy is one thing but one who vapes is another. My partner and I have been together for 5 years and for the last 3 he has been a vaper. Starting with a pen style e-cig and a high nicotine liquid I thought it would be a great way to slowly but surely ween him off the cigs. However, this did not happen!

Now he has upgraded to a MOD, for those of you who don’t know these are large e-cigs that if unknown can be mistaken for some sort of weapon. The smoke that comes from this compared to the pen style e-cig is ridiculous just see the image below. The worst thing about this smoke is that it lingers and when you’re relaxing in the lounge the last thing you want is a misty room so you can’t see the TV.

vaping image 1

I know what you’re thinking it’s better than actual smoke but the thing is we can’t be sure of that just yet and I’m sure I’ve come down with a bad cough since the e-cig was introduced – or that could just be my hypochondria. Either way it’s about time he began smoking it outside just like a cigarette.  Although he smokes it that much he’d probably have to live in the garden. That’s another thing if he was to go back to smoking, he’d be having one every half an hour.

Night-time is just the same sometimes I wake up and he’s fallen asleep e-cig in hand, other times I get woken up by the e-cig hitting me in the face. I think that having the thing in the bedroom is a bad idea, especially after all of the stories about them exploding. That happened once, with a pen style it suddenly started to smoke, so we threw it into the garden and left if there until the next day it didn’t catch fire but was burnt out.

It’s not just the smoke but the smell of the liquid is also sickly, whether sweet or tobacco flavour it’s overpowering and makes me long for fresh air.

If you live with a vaper and can relate to Sophie, why not let us know in the comments below…


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