Features Which Promise To Bring Character To Any Home

Often during a house hunt, we refuse choices because they don’t have enough ‘character’. This can seem strange. How much character can a house have? But, those of us on the quest know what we mean. Character is that thing which makes you feel at home the moment you enter. It’s the small touches which turn a cold space into a dream home. Often, such character is found in older houses. Mainly because we’re under the false impression that a new home hasn’t ‘lived’. But, let’s get real for a moment; no house lives as such. It’s the features within a home which create character, nothing more.

With that being the case, there’s nothing to stop you incorporating character into your modern home. All you need to do is include the right features. And, to help you do that, we’re going to look at the most character-filled of them here.

Wooden Beams

Nothing says character like wooden beams. These are the iconic traditional feature which many of us look for. They create the ideal cottage vibe and automatically make a space cosy. Even better, they work in every room of the house. You could give yourself a country cottage kitchen, or install beams in the bathroom. If you fancy, you could even go crazy with these throughout the house.

Of course, installing real beams would be a lot of work. Besides which, there’s no need for them in modern houses. So, it may be worth looking into faux wooden beams instead. They’re easy to install, cheaper to buy, and no one will know any different!

room with wooden beams image 1

Exposed Walls

Exposed walls are another country cottage tradition. And, they’re hot stuff in contemporary design. Thanks to the industrial focus of many contemporary homes, exposed walls are everywhere. So, this is the perfect time to get one in your home.

These look amazing in the kitchen and add a real coffee shop vibe. They also work well in bathrooms and living rooms. Plus, they have the bonus of being easy to achieve. The bricks are already there. You just need to expose them. Bear in mind that exposed walls can create unpleasant drafts if you aren’t careful. It’s worth installing skirting boards, and filling gaps with flexible fillers to avoid this. Then, you can sit back and enjoy this traditional/trendy crossover.

Feature Fireplace

In the past, fireplaces played a huge role in any home. They were, after all, the only source of heat. As such, they became the focal point of every room. Now, though, fireplaces are often forgotten. We have heating, so we don’t need them. Yet, fireplaces are character-filled nooks which should be made the most of. If you have a dust filled fire hiding behind your television, it’s time to make more of it. Move the tv, or mount it above your fireplace. Then, either pile logs there, or find another use for the space. Whatever you choose, bringing the fire back into your home is sure to increase the character.

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