Terrific Tasty Teas…

I often worry that the grump has a bit of a problem when it comes to the amount of tea and coffee he drinks everyday. The temptation to pour another cup whilst working in the office seems to be overwhelmingly tempting for him, resulting in him going through four-five mugs a day (and he says this is normal)!

However, he does tend to get a little bit bored of drinking the same beverages all the time which is why he has started branching out into slightly more exotic blends and hot concoctions. He was therefore delighted when I received a couple of samples from the UK Loose Tea Company.

teas image 1.JPG

A Wide Range

Based in Powys in my home nation of Wales, the UK Loose Tea Company operate a very ethical policy of sourcing their tea leaves direct from the farmers themselves and paying them a fair price. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for many supermarket chains who take these supplies for granted.

The Welsh company source only the finest leaves which are exclusively grown by suppliers who use only sustainable means of farming. This not only ensures that customers consume ethical products but also ensures that dangerous chemical pesticides are not present in any of the leafs which the company markets.

Their specialty teas are available for purchase online and can be sent direct to your doorstep for a fee.

Tropical Sunshine

We received a sample of their latest concoction which has been called the ‘Tropical Sunshine’ blend.

Retailing at £3.90 per 100 grams, this is the perfect summer tea mixing dried mandarin, mango, orange, pineapple and papaya slices to create a fruity flavour which is a delight to the taste buds right from the first slip. In fact, the experience begins right from the moment you open the bag as a sweet fruity aroma wafts straight out of the conveniently packaged re-sealable bag.

Unlike many teas it also leaves a great after taste with a sweet and mild fruity flavour which will leave you gagging for more.

Please note that these are loose tea leaves, so you will need the appropriate equipment. Brewing time is approximately 8-10 minutes, with the tea able to be savoured either hot or cold.

Green Keeman Congou

The other sample we received was the Green Keemun Congou blend which is sourced from Southern China and designed to create an “aromatic taste” according to the packaging. It is slightly more expensive than Tropical Sunshine, retailing at £5.80 per 100 grams due to the rarity of the leafs.

Now I must admit that neither of us are the biggest lovers of green tea and this blend simply wasn’t for us. The initial smell was slightly outdoorsy and it left a woody, tobacco after taste which I can’t say left an overly favourable impression.

However, this is just my personal opinion and I’m sure there are green tea enthusiasts out there who will love this blend.

Highly recommended

We were so impressed with the Tropical Sunshine blend that we have placed another order of this tea and the grump has become a little bit obsessed with it. He is keen for us to try other blends which gives me a feeling that this could become his latest extravagance…


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