Giving Your Home A Fresh Twist

Keeping your house new and interesting is always a difficult task. Whether you’re trying to breathe life into an old kitchen or a bedroom, it can be hard to get it right! No matter how much you love your home you will find yourself doing this at some point, and you don’t want to get it wrong, so carry on reading if you want to know the best thing to do to give your home a fresh twist…


Skylights are quickly taking the interior decor world by storm, and you can see why! They are ceiling mounted windows that allow loads of natural light into a room, turning dark, unused rooms into ones that are full of life! Skylights work by opening up the room to loads of natural light, essentially putting a big hole in the roof of the room, however if you’re thinking of installing one of these you have to make sure that your room can actually accommodate one! It has to be able to to see the outside world in order for it to work, so before you commit make sure that the desired skylight room is able to actually have it mounted. Skylights often mean that you don’t have to have any electrical lights in the room as you’ll get enough light through the skylights window, perfect for a reading room or a study!

Paint Some Furniture

If you’ve got any wooden furniture that needs could do with a new face then this is definitely for you. Wood is never going to go out of fashion, but sometimes the colour of wood can get boring. There are a huge variety of colours of wood available, but just because you want a different colour, or perhaps an unnatural one, doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of the furniture that you’ve got. If you want to change the colour, get your hands on some chalk paint. This paint is durable and thick and will stick to almost any surface that you paint it on, especially those bits of wooden furniture that you’ve got! Combined with a varnish afterwards, you can breathe a new life into your old wooden furniture, and the best bit is it’s cheap and you can do it yourself, all you need to know how to do is pick up a brush!

paint image 1

Wood Burners

Making a comeback in the 21st century are wood burners. These fantastic pieces of kit can give your house a rural, outdoors feel without having any of either actually being present! They replace your fireplace (or if you haven’t got one, it doesn’t replace anything!) and are a brilliant source of heat that is guaranteed to change up the dynamic of your room. They, quite obviously, use wood to fuel them and the rest is up to you, you can choose how much to burn and how long to burn it for, giving you a much more interactive experience. Getting the wood is another part of this process, so visit the site that sells the right kind of wood for you!

Get A New Dining Set

Some things you just can’t paint over, so when you’re getting something new you need to make sure it’s going to have a big impact, and getting a new set of dining chairs and tables will do exactly that. Your dining set is the focal point of the dining room and dominates the tone of the room, so by replacing it you can get the maximum change out of your room! They can range dramatically in price so you will have to think carefully about which one you’re going to buy, and you’ll also have to think about which one is going to fit your room correctly, so make sure you get everything measured up and imagined before you commit!


Doing any one of these things is guaranteed to make a big change. Want to make an old piece of furniture lively again? Give it a lick of chalk paint to get it going again! Want something interesting and unique instead of a regular fireplace? Replace it with a wood burner! Or maybe you just want some more light in a room, well if that’s the case you should put in a skylight. Once you’ve done these things though you’re going to want to be extra vigilant about the way your house is kept, so read this to know how to keep your house in a healthy condition, it deserves it!

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