Keeping Your Cool In The Midst Of A Kitchen Renovation

A Kitchen renovation Sounds like the perfect nightmare for anyone. Even if you live alone, coping without the hob, the oven, and the drinking water tap can be too much to bear. What you need is a plan that doesn’t involve expensive restaurant bills every night of the week. Is it possible to survive? Yep! And here’s how…

Pack It Up

Once you’ve booked your renovation, you should have a reliable start date for works. You will need to clear everything out that you want to keep. Pots, plates, cutlery, toasters, and refrigerators all need to live somewhere else for a while. Put aside only the essentials. Everything else should be packed and moved out into a storage facility. Check out places like to see what size unit you might need to use. You will need your refrigerator and microwave up and running, so find a gap somewhere in the dining room or living room that works for you.

boxes image 1Image source 


Make a list of the alternatives you’re happy to indulge in. This might include the odd takeaway or meal out. You might also be able to grab a meal or two with friends or other family. This could still leave you with ten evening meals to cater for. This is why batch cooking is so handy! You can whip up extra portions of your fave dinners. Try some of the recipes at places like to keep you going. Freeze them individually, and then microwave them. It also means there is less to wash up after each meal too.

The Essentials

You will need plenty of bottles of drinking water while renovations take place. In fact, your water supply may end up switched off for a day or two during the works. Enough to drive you insane? Washing up your cutlery, plates, and pots could be your biggest challenge. You’ll have no sink or hot water. Use a washing up bowl and the electric kettle for the water. Outside your home should be a waste water drain you can pour the dirty water away to.


Many kitchens are also the home of the washing machine. Without one, your laundry pile is going to get pretty big. Launderettes are one solution, although there are only a handful around these days. There are home collection laundry services too that will even dry and iron your clothing. Why not ask a neighbour or friend if it’s OK to use theirs a couple of times?

kitchen image 3

The Kitchen Bin

People don’t realise just how much they rely on their kitchens until it’s gone! Your kitchen bin is home to all the stinky, drippy, yukky stuff you definitely don’t want in any other room. Recycle what food waste you can – those kerbside buckets conveniently have a lid so that you can leave them outside the house by your wheelie bin. All other rubbish will have to be bagged and placed in the wheelie bin as you go. More trips outside in the rain, but less mess and ick inside!

Once your kitchen is back, you’ll forget all about having to rough it for so long. It will all be worth it! Enjoy your beautiful new kitchen.


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