Making a New Home Look More Traditional…

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If you’ve recently moved into a modern new build home, and although you love it, you think it could have more traditional charm and personality, there are numerous things you can do to make it look like it’s been around a little bit longer than it actually has.

Here are some simple ideas to make your new home look a little older:

Dress It Up with Some Coving

Unlike older houses, there aren’t many new homes that have coving, or crown moulding as it is also known, as standard. That’s a kind of sad because coving is one of those details that makes a home feel more finished, more elegant and a much more traditional. So, if you’re looking for an easy way to give your home more traditional charm, installing coving is an easy way to do it.

Classic Furniture

If your furniture is more modern, you don’t need to throw it out and replace it with antiques, but you might want to buy one or two more traditional pieces, such as a classic leather armchair or vintage sideboard to give it a more traditional feel.

Use More Wood and Stone

If you want your bathroom and kitchen to feel a bit more olde worlde, using natural stone and wood on the countertops, walls, sinks, floors, and cupboards will help a lot. Avoid modern alternative like plastic and vinyl as far as possible and your home will not only look more traditional but more luxurious too.

Add a Few Antique Appliances

Antique appliances will make your home feel dramatically older, even if you don’t do a thing to the decor. A vintage Tiffany lamp in the living room, an antique food mixer in the kitchen and a traditional clawfoot bath in the bathroom will work wonders. Try it and see!

A Coat of Paint

Chances are if you’re living in a new home, the walls are either painted various shades of white or cream. Traditional homes tended to be a bit more colourful. So, if you aren’t afraid of colour, get your paintbrush and roller out and cover those walls in opulent reds, blacks, and blues. You might also want to consider adding some patterned wallpaper, which has been popular since Victorian times, at least. It will really give your blank canvas some character.


Bookcases are great for adding more traditional character to homes new and old, especially if you fill them with impressive volumes of vintage books.Built -in bookshelves are best, but you can still get the look with freestanding units. Just make sure you opt for dark woods, rather than whites if you want a really authentic look.

Make Use of Reclaimed Bricks

If you want to make your home’s exterior look a bit older, invest on some reclaimed bricks (preferably from your local area You can use them to build rustic patios, line your drive, create pretty paths and even build walls that will have a bit more charm than similar ones created with modern bricks and concrete.

So there you have it – there a really are so many simple things you can do to make your home appear older and more characterful, even if it is brand new.


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