Many Happy Returns! Thoughtful Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

It’s that time of year again when a couple of weeks before celebrating another year of your boyfriend’s presence on the planet you need to buy him a gift. What are you going to plump for this year? You’ve already gone down the football tickets route, he loved the meal at a Michelin starred restaurant, but you don’t want to do that again, and he’s got enough jumpers to last a lifetime. Check out these brilliant gift ideas to ensure that your boyfriend has an awesome birthday.

The first thing you have to do is make a list. What does your other half love to do, love to eat, love to see? Is he a movie buff or is he obsessed with a particular genre of music? Perhaps he’s more of a gadgets guy and loves nothing more than figuring out how something works without reading the instructions. Whatever your boyfriend’s passions are, write them down, and this should focus your thoughts on a spectacular birthday gift.


Everyone loves shoes. If your guy is the hipster type and he loves nothing more than wearing his checkerboard red and black shirt, white tee and skinny black jeans, you might want to pick him up a pair of Converse. Even better, get them customised. It’s now possible to create your own pair of sneakers. Think carefully about what colours and design your boyfriend might like and then watch his face light up as he opens his present to reveal a bespoke pair of All Stars.

converse image 1


Every guy, whether they are gizmo crazy or not, appreciates a great handset. By venturing onto a site like, you’ll be able to explore the range of smartphones available. The specialist company will get you a great deal on the smartphone you want for your boyfriend, including a range of text and data packages to suit all budgets. No need to stress if your credit rating isn’t up to scratch as they can handle this too. Remember that smartphone your boyfriend kept dropping into conversation over dinner the other day. Now it’s time to buy it.


smart phone image 1

Comic Con

For the geekier guy, why not pick up some tickets to the nearest Comic Con event. Not only is it a great day out, but you can dress up, pick up some cool little bits of merchandise and maybe even meet some stars of the big screen. If your boyfriend is a Game of Thrones fanatic or a Star Wars nut, there is no doubt he’ll have the chance to grab a photo and an autograph.

star wars image 1


If you’re man has been working long hours and is in desperate need for a bit of time out, there is nothing better than whisking him away for a weekend by booking a hotel at Maybe combine your mini break with a sporting event or fixture that you know he’ll enjoy. This could be Formula 1, a footie match or even the Tour de France is you’re flying him across the Channel. He will certainly appreciate the thought, and you get to spend some quality time together.

beach image 1

The joy of seeing your boyfriend open his birthday gift is priceless so make sure you get him the present he deserves. There’s no better time to show your boyfriend how much he means to you than his birthday.

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