Second Time’s A Charm…

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For many couples, the first time they move in together is a whole new adventure and learning to live with each other can be quite a stressful process in many ways. So if you have outlived your first home and are moving onto the next one what can you do to make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes that you did with your loved one the first time round?

Do You Need To Keep Everything?

You might have felt it necessary to hold onto every single relic of your past before you met your partner which meant the spare room was overflowing with stuff that you’ve never used, but thought might come in handy one day. But looking at it if you haven’t used something for a year will you really use it ever again? It’s a different story when it comes to items that hold significant memory for you which you want to hold on to but when the time comes for you to hire a removal company to transport your stuff to the new place will you really need to order the largest possible van? In the cold light of day it can be difficult to part with things that you may think you might need at some point in the future but if you’re both building a new life together and learning from your previous mistakes, then it might be time to cut some ties with the past.

Are You Going To Have Your Own Space?

This is always a topic for debate because for couples that are moving in together they usually don’t have much space to share between the two of them, let alone individually! But as part of a healthy couple’s relationship, time apart is a good thing so you can indulge in your favourite hobby that they don’t particularly like. Whether this requires setting up a man cave for him or somewhere where you can do your nails in peace, it means you can have that little bit of breathing space. If you’re living on top of each other constantly without a break, it can get quite tiring, so it’s important to realise that a bit of time apart is not a bad thing and even if you are in separate rooms it doesn’t mean you going to break up tomorrow!

How Are You Going To Split The Bills?

Money can be the root cause of so many problems in a relationship, and if you’ve experienced money issues before with a partner, it’s time to begin with a clean slate. When you are renting a property means you are both liable for an equal share of the rent, so going by that logic it would make sense for you to split the bills equally down the middle. But that’s if you’re both working in full-time jobs. When it becomes an issue if one person works part-time and the other doesn’t, or only one of you works, it’s then that you need to sit down and decide who will pay for what. Most of us feel like we need to earn our keep and this can be stressful if one of us isn’t earning as much and struggling to make rent. It’s in these instances where you really need to discuss what you both can feasibly pay for and stick to it.

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