4 Reasons Summer Is The Season For Home Renovations

Summer is synonymous with many things, meaning different things to each person. When you’re a kid, summer means an endless expanse of time and opportunities – where the weeks stretch out before you, just waiting to be coloured in with new adventures. As an adult, summer is more likely to mean an appreciation of the longer days, the feel of the sun on your (appropriately SPF-ed!) skin, and a reduction in heating bills. No matter your age though, summer is almost always synonymous with that purest of human experiences: fun.

That’s why the idea of spending your time sweating over home renovations and improvements as a summer activity might sound a little odd. After all, there are only so many hours in the day – why would you want to lose any of your summer excitement to working on your home? Time that could otherwise be spent lounging in parks, mixing intriguing cocktails, or just lazing in the back garden working on your tan? Sure you want a nice house, but there are limits to just how much you’re willing to sacrifice – right?

Perhaps not. The thing is, working on your home during the summer is just about the best decision you can make. Sure, taking on big projects at this time of year might mean one less day at the beach – but it’s a sacrifice that is going to keep being worth it for the other three seasons. While you don’t have to give over your entire summer to home renovations (because, let’s face it, precisely no one would do that), if you’ve got a big project on the horizon, summer really is the best time to throw yourself into it…

1) The Days Are Longer

Yes, the hours in a typical day don’t change during summer – but it’s incredible what a trick of the light can do to how we perceive the amount of time we have available, isn’t it? During winter, when the sun sets at 4pm, it can be tricky to convince yourself that there’s still a good eight hours of technical “day” left – because it just doesn’t feel like it. During the summer, the reverse becomes true. We know on some level that 9pm is night-time, but when it’s still light out and the weather is so nice you don’t need even a light jacket, it’s tough to convince yourself of that.

Through summer, you’ll undoubtedly feel like you have more time even though the number of hours in each day doesn’t change. That makes it a perfect time to throw yourself into your latest project. You can rise early with the sun and keep working into the evening, with the brightness of the sky able to encourage you onwards and help keep you awake and alert.

clock image 1

2) Some Projects Need Good Weather

Let’s say your big dream for your house renovation is an extension. While it’s not impossible to do this kind of huge work over the autumn and winter, it’s really not ideal thanks to the weather conditions. Wind and rain are huge barriers to construction work, right down to the fact that concrete (the base for most foundations) isn’t going to set when it’s pouring it down outside. If you’re doing any kind of structural work at all, it has to be done during summer – or you’re going to face huge delays with the progress as you wait for Mother Nature to play ball.

It’s also worth thinking about the logistics of most renovation and remodel work. Anything that requires frequent trips outside – such as garden work, anything to do with plumbing, installing of windows and a thousand and one other tasks – is best kept to summer purely because you’re less likely to have to battle the elements.

flowers image 3

3) Summer Is The Home Renovation Season For Retailers

Due in no small part to their understanding of the above, home and DIY retailers tend to run most of their promotions and sales during the summer months. They know their customers are going to be particularly active during that time, so prices are slashed as the competition for customers begins to heat up.

That means that by choosing to renovate during this season, the money you have saved or obtained through bad credit loans is going to go much further. There will be sales for you to make the most of – especially around bank holidays – – and plenty of choice in the stores, so you’re more likely to find the exact items that you want. While it is possible to shop for and find the right items in the “off” seasons, in some ways, you’re just making life trickier for yourself. Keep it simple and do your renovations when everyone else is.

4) More Natural Light For Better Results

When it comes to painting, a lack of natural light is a surefire way to end up with a streaky finish. Painting by artificial light tends to produce poor results, especially when you see the surface lit up properly for the first time. Streaks and overcoats will be obvious in the daylight in ways they aren’t without, so keeping your painting to when the house is naturally lit is going to result in the best finish.

Thanks to the same natural light, it’s easier to manage a number of other tasks too. You don’t need to worry having to turn the electricity off for certain tasks, as the room will still be illuminated by the sun. You can also see any bumps in walls easier and be able to identify rifts or bulges in a floor you’re working on. Artificial light tends to create shadows which can disguise these issues, meaning you skip over them when you should actually be remedying them.

paintbrush image 1

So while your summer can still be fun, finding the time for some house upgrades and work is well worth slotting into your planner. The results will be better and it will cost less to achieve, so that when autumn rolls around, you can curl up on the sofa under a blanket without any guilt whatsoever.

2 thoughts on “4 Reasons Summer Is The Season For Home Renovations

  1. Laura Cameron says:

    While sweating is no fun, you are so right! It is so much easier to come home from work and spend a few hours doing work while there is still sunlight. In the winter months, I leave work in the dark and would rather just sleep! Great tips 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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