How to remain sane in the quest to maintain your home

Maintaining a house in terms of cleanliness and functioning appliances is no easy task. If you live in a family home then the task becomes harder; I’m guessing you feel as if you have to manage multiple people and constantly run after them fixing all the things they break or all the mess they leave behind.

The first step is to get your family on board with keeping the house in good shape, but there has to be an easier way to stop things going wrong in the first place. Rather than always spending excessive time cleaning up every time there’s a problem, you should be working to maintain your home frequently to keep everything constantly and consistently ship-shape. Here’s some advice on how to do so:

Clean little and often:

This is the best piece of advice you could ever hear with regards to maintaining your home. Things will break, and you can’t avoid that. Furnishings will start to fall apart, and you can’t avoid that. Wallpaper will peel, and you can’t avoid that. Paint will start to look faded or old, and you can’t avoid that. What you can always avoid, however, is a dirty and untidy house. Instead of doing a huge round of “spring cleaning” which can be exhausting, time-consuming, and essentially useless as the entire family only messes the house up again within the next day, you could opt to clean little and often. That way, you’ll only have a little bit of work on your hands, and you’ll have a better-maintained home.

Get your family involved. That’s the best piece of advice I can offer, and it’s something that you should already be putting into action. Everybody needs to pull their weight if you want to keep the house in good shape. As a rule of thumb, suggest that people always leave a room the way they found it. If your kid plays with toys in the lounge then they need to put those toys back in the storage box before they leave. As for cleaning your kitchen, make the job easier for yourself by looking out for scratches in surfaces; bacteria can linger there and make the room dirtier. You’ll make the job easier for yourself if you avoiding damaging these surfaces, and make that knowledge known around the household too.

cleaning image 1

Create a chill-out zone:

Perhaps a good idea is for everybody in the house to have a designated chill-out zone. For the kids, it could be their bedroom; you could install a little play area if they’re young or let them jazz up their room with posters, their own TV, and other fixtures if they’re a little older. For the adults, you might need a space in the house that can be your own too.

Perhaps you or your partner, depending on your role, needs a “man-cave”; rather than cluttering the main lounge area with video games and all the other personal bits and bobs he’s collected over the years (or perhaps you’re the guilty party), the man of the house can have a personal area for their gadgets and entertainment. Everyone else in the house can create personal spaces in their rooms, the lounge, or any other space that’ll now feel a little more open without the excess clutter. Everybody wins.



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