Lacking Interior Inspiration? These Ideas Could Help

We can all get that sudden urge to change things in our home. It might be wanting to change one room in particular that you just can’t stand anymore, or maybe you have gone off your whole home interior theme and want to change things up a little. However, some of us can really lack inspiration. No matter how much time you spend on Pinterest, you have no clue where to start or even what you might like. We’ve all been there. Which is why I thought I would provide you with a few solid interior inspirational ideas to maybe help spark some desire. Giving you the seed to plant to help you prepare and plan yourself.

The shabby chic effect

A shabby chic interior became hugely popular a few years ago and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. It is the type of interior finish that remains quite neutral, even though it can be quite specific at the same time. It can certainly appeal to the masses. Think about creams and pastel shades. White washed furniture and pieces that have a traditional element about them. Some of the finer details can be found in accent colours or even floral patterns and designs. It can certainly give you that cottage feel.

shabby chic image

Going all Scandinavian

Recently we have seen a trend of modern edginess be introduced into the home interior world and the inspiration is all things Scandinavian. Think about clean lines and a minimalist touch to seal the deal. Lot’s of modern rugs, modern furniture and white clean and crisp walls. Add an accent colour and fill the room with accessories to bring the whole space to life. It’s a great idea for someone who is unsure of the decor direction but still wants to emulate a modern looking interior.

Inspired by Hygge

The Danish are known as some of the happiest people in the world, and they thank the practise of Hygge for that. Encapsulating all things to do with cosiness and things that make you happy your home can certainly emulate that. Think about a focus on soft furnishings and a warmer glow. This can be found from fireplaces, low lighting and candles.

candle image

Retro and vintage vibes

Maybe you feel inspired by a decade gone by, or just love to keep hold of older looking items for sentimental reasons. You may then find your inspiration for your home interior in retro and vintage items. Websites like eBay are full of items people no longer want but could be perfect features or decorative pieces in your home. You might want to focus on a particular era and take influence from the style or fashionable colours of the time, or even mix and match with pieces you love.

Rustic charm

Finally, who doesn’t love that cabin in the woods appeal when it comes to your home. Featuring rustic pieces, lots of wooden inspiration for furniture and ornaments and even using logs as decorative features of a fireplace. A wood theme will definitely dominate, but it can certainly give off that rustic charm you might be after.

I hope you find plenty of inspiration for your next interior project.

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