Hot Takes on Dining Room Design

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Some people are lucky enough to have a dining room but don’t make much use of it. They eat in the kitchen or maybe even in front of the TV, and the dining room might only get used on special occasions. But there’s no point in having it if you’re not going to use it. Even if there’s just two of you, it’s enjoyable to sit at the dining table and spend a meal together. And if you feel like you dining room doesn’t get enough use, you can use it for other things while you’re not eating in there. If you think it’s time your dining room had a makeover, so you feel inclined to use it more often, try some of these ideas. 

Determining Your Budget

Your first objective for doing up your dining room should be deciding how much you want to spend. This will help you work out how much you can afford to change the room so you can come up with a sensible plan. You might just want to repaint or get a new table and chairs. Or maybe you want to plan a full transformation of the room. When you’re thinking about your budget, you might just fund the makeover with your savings. You could also consider some financing options, such as homeowner loans or using a credit card. This will help you to spread the cost of a more ambitious change. You can easily spend a lot of money on one room, especially if you want to go for higher-end products or make any major changes.

Create a Connection to the Kitchen

When you’re planning your new dining room, one interesting thing to think about is how it’s connected to the kitchen. Sometimes you have an open-plan space, or perhaps a separate room next door to the kitchen. If you feel like your dining room is too separate from the kitchen, there are a few ways you could open it up. You might not want to create a completely open-plan space, but there are other options. You could put an opening in the wall between the two rooms, which you can either leave open or do something else with it. It could be a half wall along part of the wall, or you could put in a hatch that opens up. Or perhaps you might like the idea of some swinging saloon doors.

Keep Parties and Special Occasions in Mind

Eating in your dining room can be enjoyable if it’s just two of you, or even just you on your own. But it’s a lot more fun when you have other people to enjoy it with. If you like entertaining and having dinner parties (a very grown-up thing to do), you can design your dining room with big meals in mind. Even if you’re not having guests, it can be useful to think about those times when you might make lots of dishes and pig out, like Sunday lunch. You might want to consider having somewhere to keep food warm, like a hostess trolley. And you might want to think about making sharing easy with a large table or easy storage of your crockery with a stylish cabinet.

Make the Table the Centerpiece

The dining table sits at the center of the dining room, so it needs to stand out. If you want the room to be stylish, it’s worth picking one that works for you. A plain, rectangular, wooden table might be flexible in terms of looks, but it’s not that exciting. There are lots of other options to explore, from glass tables to round tables. If you tend to have more guests over than can normally fit at your table, you should consider an extending table.

Choose Chairs for Comfort and Style

Dining chairs should be comfortable (although not so comfy that you can’t sit up straight) as well as stylish. Whether or not you’ve chosen a new table, picking out some new chairs could add a whole new dimension to your dining room. There’s no need to go for standard wooden dining chairs when there are so many interesting designs to choose from. Your chairs could be upholstered or not, modern or traditional, colourful or in neutral shades.

Others Uses for Your Dining Room

If your dining room feels too big, don’t forget you can use it for other things. Keep a bar cart in there for mixing drinks, or use a side table as a desk during the day. It doesn’t need to sit empty most of the time.

A new dining room could encourage you to invite people into your home more often. Plus, it might make you less inclined to eat in from of the TV.

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