5 Ways to Keep Your Home Warm in the Winter

You may not be thinking about it yet, since we’re just coming into the warmest months of the year. But, Winter isn’t that far away and our winters seem to be becoming longer and colder. Did you know it’s only twenty-five weeks until Christmas? Okay, I definitely don’t want to think about that. But, if you’re someone who feels the cold or you have young children in the house, you may want to take a look at these tips for keeping your home warm.

Shut Your Curtains

In many homes in the UK, curtains aren’t often used. Many people have blinds and curtains but only close the blinds once the sun goes down. During the Winter, take the ties of your curtains and use them. When it gets colder, curtains can act as an extra insulation in your home. However, when you do make use of them, don’t forget to open them before leaving the house in the morning. The sunlight that streams through your windows is a natural way of heating up your home.

Log Burners

More and more people are investing in log burners in the UK and getting hold of their own kiln dried firewood. It’s a much cheaper alternative for heating your home and it means that less people are using energy. It can be costly to have a log burner installed in your home, but it’s an investment as opposed to an expenditure. Once you have the log burner, you have it for life and the amount you’ll save on your heating bills will soon pay for it.

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Don’t Cover Radiators

There are often times when you have no choice but to place furniture in front of a radiator, but it doesn’t help when you need heat in your home. If you have a sofa in front of your living room radiator, consider moving it to a different spot. If you can’t move it anywhere, leave a significant gap between the radiator and sofa so the heat has a chance to spread throughout the room.

Draught Excluders

It may seem like a small thing but excluding draughts from rooms can keep in a tremendous amount of heat. All it takes is a sausage dog draught excluder at the bottom of your doors and you could feel a lot warmer while sat down watching your favourite TV programme. You may also want to use some self-adhesive rubber seals around your windows and doors. It’s easy to do yourself and won’t cost much.

Upgrade Your Boiler

Winter is a real test for our boilers. If you have a boiler that’s older than ten years, you may want to get a plumber to take a look at it. Some boilers may last for much longer, but most will have to be replaced to ensure you don’t have any damage during the Winter months. The last thing you’ll need is for your boiler to break down on a freezing cold day. Keep up with your maintenance and get insurance so you won’t be blind sighted if you ever need to pay for repairs.


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