Too Cold, Too Dull, Too Grey, Too Small: Make Your Home Sweet Again

The home is your sanctuary. To make it true, though, you need to work on balancing the costs of every home improvement and decide what needs to be done. While this might sound simple, it is in reality quite a difficult choice. For instance, improving your bedroom can be a highly costly project. But, if you decide against it, what is the cost of bad sleep on your physical and mental health? Not every cost can be accounted for in pennies. While home renovation projects are mostly subjective – and so are their costs – there are four situations that need to be addressed as a priority with DIY projects to improve the well-being feeling in your home.

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Old Homes And Insulation Problems

Old homes are charming and full of history. What you feel in there too is the cold air in winter. Because old houses are not only full of a precious past, they are also full of insulation problems. In most cases, you can easily improve the situation by changing the insulation material in the attic and under the roof. You will need to purchase professional insulation materials – you can find it in all DIY shops – and insulation adhesives from Kenyon Adhesives – it’s one of the easiest brands to find in the UK – or any other brand. Upgrading your roof insulation doesn’t require longer than a weekend and will have a significant impact. Indeed, up to 30% of your warmth evacuates through the roof in winter. In summer, the insulation keeps the house cool, so it’s a win-win!

New Builds And Lack Of Personality

New builds are fully energy-efficient. But they can feel a little dull. It’s important to bring personality into your new build home if you want it to feel welcoming. You don’t need to start big DIY projects for it. Using vintage pieces as part of your décor will add the personal touch that the magnolia walls need. If you’re not a vintage fan, why not use bookshelves as a decorative element to make a statement in your room? Books can be entertaining and personal too.

Urban Homes And Grey Landscapes

If you live in town, you have all the public facilities just a few yards away from home… and the grey urban décor all around you. Too much grey can impact on your mood. So don’t hesitate to clean the air in your home with smart houseplants. For instance, the red-edged dracaena is ideal to remove pollutants from the air, including the benzene found in dyes and synthetic fibres. Aloe vera is also great at fighting benzene, which makes it the ideal windowsill plant. If you want colours, purchase a bright chrysanthemum, which battles a variety of chemicals.

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British Homes And Tiny Rooms

Did you know that British homes are the smallest in Europe? That doesn’t stop us from cluttering them with thousands of items that we barely need. Before enrolling a great decluttering wave, you might want to look for smart storage solutions to make the most of your space. For example, don’t let your TV occupy an empty wall. Turn the space around it into a media storage system to keep your films, music and even video games. Smart storage means bespoke solutions, but you’ll soon realise that it’s the best way to maximise the space at home. From an alcove home office to a kitchen pull-out cupboard, you can make the most of every inch.


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