The Man Cave: A True Act Of Compromise?

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The one thing that needs to work in a relationship is the act of compromise. Life living with someone can be a series of ups and downs during the course of a relationship, and probably one of the main issues is the issue of space, literally and figuratively! An example in point, the man cave! A haven for a man, and a place to hide too! There are countless debates about whether the man cave is even a good thing. If he wants a man cave, is it really worth it in your home? Well, I’m here to say it is! And here’s why…

It’s His Own Little Space

You might not have thought about how your dream home looks with a room full of Formula One memorabilia (Mark is obsessed with the sport). But if you can give him a little corner of the home, then it’s worth it, and besides, it’s a place for all his stuff that doesn’t fit in with the aesthetic of the house, and you can shut the door so it’s never seen! Mark has his man cave in one of our spare bedrooms but if there’s no room for his stuff and he needs a space, you can get a shed for a good cost. Sheds now aren’t just a few planks of wood, they’re quite sophisticated things.

Where Can He Have The Space?

This could be a bone of contention between the two of you. He may want the biggest room after the master bedroom because he’s got too much stuff! Well, if he is a hoarder and you pack light, who’s to say he can’t have that room? If you had future plans for that room, then is it worth moving his stuff to the garage? It’s a great space, and it’s separate to the house so he can do his own thing in peace. If it’s part of the fixing up process, then you may as well take the opportunity to hire some contractors to fix up any aesthetic issues, including the garage, so it’s a better space for him. Companies like Poplar Home Improvements do sound proofing so it doesn’t matter how much noise he makes in his own space! If you make it a room you don’t care for much, but it’s still big enough for his stuff, then it’s win-win!

It’s A Place Where He Can Make His Own Mess

That’s the thing with these man caves, it leaves him somewhere that’s entirely his. If you take pride in your home, it’s a place for him and him alone. And this is a big thing for a guy, his own space. Remember that episode of Friends where Joey thought he was being made to be a bit on the sensitive side as a result of living with Elle Macpherson’s character? He needs some “man time,” and it’s apparently very good for them so he will come back to you happier and rejuvenated, and that’s no bad thing! Besides, if you allow him that one piece of the house that’s completely his, he may be more inclined to share everything else with you, and that’s compromise!


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