Get Your Interiors Looking Chic With Coastal Design

One of the biggest reasons more people don’t go for coastal interiors is because they imagine that they have to fill them with all sorts of weird objects from the sea: paintings of pirates with wooden legs, huge rudders from the back of the Cutty Sark, random murals, mermaids, and shells.

But as an actual design language, coastal-themed homes don’t have to feature any of that junk. Instead, they can be just as stylish and as welcoming as any other design, so long as you get them right.

The great thing about where most of us live is that we’re never all that far from a body of water or the coast. Human life thrived for thousands of years, all thanks to the sea and rivers, and this just so happens to be where the vast majority of our modern cities are located today.

If you want to get that coastal look, carry on reading this post. We’re going to look at how to do it in style, without bringing a load of stuff you found lying on the beach into your living room.

First Stop – Seaside Colors

coastal kitchen image

Image source: Miserv

What colors do you associate with the sea? This one’s easy: light azure blues, greens, whites, and yellows. When it comes to interior design, you need to be careful the extent to which you mix blue and yellow: combining both can make a room feel too young and childish. It’s best to stick to one primary color and then build the rest of the room around it. Blue rooms will have a cooler, fresher feel while yellow rooms will feel warmer and more inviting. Focus applying color to the walls, ceilings, and the woodwork.

Dress Your Windows Property

Homes with a coastal vibe almost always use blinds and soft sheers. Heavy curtains just don’t work, especially if you focus on light and airy colors. Blinds, like Luxaflex blinds, help to provide privacy while also letting in the morning sunlight – perfect for turning your home into the perfect coastal retreat. The great thing about window dressing in a coastal home is that it’s super easy to do on a budget. There’s no need for expensive curtains to get in the way of creating a home with an incredible atmosphere.

Use Large, Indoor Plants

kitchen diner image

Image source: PacificLegalFoundation

Interior designers will often recommend moving plants into your living space to brighten it up. But if we’re honest, this is usually more for the benefit of their portfolios rather than anything to do with improving the style of the room. But when it comes to coastal-themed interiors, plants work really well. And, strangely, the bigger, the better. Don’t be afraid to get large pot plants which go from floor to ceiling. They’ll add character and help any room look fresh and vibrant.

Use Subtle Coastal Style Cues

To give your home a coastal theme, there’s no need to use bits of driftwood from the beach nailed to the wall. Instead, include rustic, weathered elements in your furniture or picture frames. Pro tip: be subtle in the way you approach seaside materials and use them in conjunction with regular items.


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