An Entry Level Guide To A Welcome Approach For Your Home

Most of us have heard the term ‘kerb appeal.’ It refers to the attractiveness of your home from the street outside. Kerb appeal is also one of the most important ways to sell your home. After all, the first photo of a house that you see in the estate agent’s window is always of the front of the house. And it’s the first view all of your visitors see. As you and your guests approach the house, your focus will probably be on the front door. That’s where you’re heading to gain access to the property. So how is yours looking?

It’s really easy to revamp your front door to help make your home even more welcoming for you and your guests. There are plenty of things you can change to create a whole new look or simply just to freshen your existing style. You don’t need to be a pro to change these things either, but a good eye for detail can help. The best way to approach your project is to approach your house!

Take plenty of photos of the front of your home. It’s easier to really see what everyone else sees if you check out pics rather than standing there a pondering. The path that leads to your front door should be clear and safe. Perhaps you could add some path lights or border it with shrubs? Where do you park your car? Does your garage door need refreshing too? All these things are easier to spot when you have photos to look at.

front door image

Consider the colour of your front door. You might choose to go for something brighter and more vivid this time. You’ll need a good quality paint and will probably need a couple of coats so a few days of dry weather will help here. Single colours tend to be on trend at the moment so stick to one you can fall in love with. Now you need to think about handles and knockers and other architectural ironmongery like braces or hinges.

Most knockers are metal that can be polished to a shine or painted with a protective coating. This is usually black in colour so it can provide a wonderfully stark contrast with your vivid door paint colour. Why not try to match the style to your choice of porch light? An iron porch seat or bench could look amazing in place too. This area can be decorated with garden or outdoor wall art or even wind chimes to make it feel more homely.

street image 2

Do you have a doorbell? Your door knocker could be all you want, but a wireless doorbell can be quite useful too. Alternatively, consider installing an intercom system for added security.

The last thing visitors might see before they enter your home is your welcome mat. This should be practical and functional as well as attractive. There are some companies that will make up a mat with your own design. Of course, there is a wide variety of humorous and welcoming messages and images you could choose from elsewhere too. Welcome home.

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