The Bathroom – It Doesn’t Need To Be A Drain

Now, this might sound pretty insane – but hear me out. The bathroom is a room which makes a house. A good bathroom? It’s amazing. A bad bathroom? It’s a drain – it’s not a good place to wash ourselves in, and it’s not a place we want to spend time in. A good bathroom? It’s an enhancement. We feel cleaner spending time in good bathrooms because that is just the way that our weird and wonderful minds work. Well-presented and decorated bathrooms chock full of storage, toiletries, and the best facilities make us feel so much more comfortable.

Everyone with a home will pick a focus of their abode to enhance. Especially if budgets are tight. Usually, it’s the living room or the kitchen – sometimes it is bedrooms, especially if we’ve got kids. Because of these focuses, it can mean that the bathroom is a bit left out. We don’t want that, do we? However, if we ignore the bathroom, we are ignoring a room where every penny spent on improvements is worth it. The bathroom is a signifier of wealth, luxury and comfort – it’s a room that adds a lot to a home in more ways than one. Why would you ignore it? It’s one of the homes with a lot of options especially when you look at sites like, meaning there is so much room to be creative when redesigning or redeveloping the bathroom in the home.

If your bathroom is getting you down – or if you’re fed up of walking over soggy carpets – maybe it’s time for a change?

bathroom image 1

What’s in a bathroom then? Well, there’s washing facilities that usually revolve around a sink and one of either a bathtub or a shower cubicle if not both – combined. These washing facilities present some amazing options. Firstly, the sink can be customized to your tastes. You might want to plant a fancy, striking bowl as your sink to add a lot to your bathroom. You could choose to stake out space for a shower within the floor and wall – or if you’ve got room, you might bring the bath into the center of a room to stand out. It will have to be an awesome tub though! Something with claw feet.  As for the shower? Technically you can make improvements by adding a power shower for better showers. If you’ve got this already, skip ahead!

Next, we have toilets! Toilets are boring, but you can add a lot of style by adding an upper bowl with a chain flush so it can look fancy. A towel rack is also an incredible facility that can heat up towels, especially useful in the winter! In terms of style, you might want to rip up the carpets and add tiled walls and floors. There is a whole lot of choice here – but if you start anywhere, start with facilities and then move onto the floors and walls.

The bathroom? It doesn’t need to be a drain on your enjoyment of your home – not at all.

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