Making The Most Out Of Your Tiny Outdoor Space

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We’ve never met a person that has wished they had a smaller garden. It just doesn’t happen. Everyone wants a bigger piece of the great outdoors. Although the grump and I do have a rather big garden (mowing the lawn is like a session at the gym). Unfortunately, this is a pipedream for most people; daydreaming of open meadows as they stare out of their kitchen window and look at their small little courtyard or teeny-tiny garden.

But even having a small garden has loads of benefits attached to it, which is where this post comes in because I’ve come up with a few tips and tricks that prove you don’t need to have a whole lot of land to have an outside space that you absolutely love spending time in.

Fill The Space

When people have big open gardens they enjoy the space they have. But when you have a smaller garden, what you want to do is use the space, and that means filling it with furniture. A nice table and some comfy chairs are what you are after. It is about making a space perfect for your needs without making it feel cramped.

Have A Purpose

When you moved into your apartment and you saw that two-foot balcony, you probably got so excited. Then when you moved in you probably realized you’d never be able to use it. But that’s not true. It is just about making your space suitable for what you want it for. Two chairs, a small table, a couple of potted plants hanging from the railings and a mat and, voila, you have the perfect spot to enjoy a coffee and a book in the sun.

Relax And Happy

Staring at a small courtyard space can be disheartening. We admit that. But staring at a hot tub can be the coolest and best thing ever. What’s more, it doesn’t have to be expensive because there are interest-free hot tubs available. That means you could get home from a stressful day’s work, put a straw in a bottle of white wine and then kick back in the hot tub. That is how to use a small courtyard to great effect.

Collapsible Is King

When you have a small space, it can be annoying to use it all up on an outdoor table and chairs when you also want to have space to do, let’s say, outdoor yoga. Well, collapsible furniture is the ultimate way to transform your space without having to drag bits and pieces inside. Collapsible table and chairs, that’s the way to fall in love with your small slice of the outdoors.

Very Vertical

Having a large garden allows people to grow things. It could be fruit or veg or pretty flowers. It doesn’t matter, they have that option because they have that space. Well, so do you. All you have to do is start growing things vertically. Just tie a few potted plants to a wall or fence and you can have your very own flower-filled meadow.

Water Feature

You may not have space for a gorgeous lake or even small pond, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a relaxing water feature to soothe your small space stresses. A little fountain tucked away in the corner, or an infinity pool style boundary, even a bird bath. There are ways to capture the serene and smile when you step outside.

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